Ballet Boys

Composed by: Henrik Skram

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The documentary Ballet Boys follows the lives of three Norwegian boys who share a passion for dancing.  Studying ballet as an extracurricular activity, the three share disappointments, victories and first love, but by the end of the film, all three must decide whether they will continue to pursue ballet as a profession or keep it a hobby in pursuit of other goals.

                The musical score of Ballet Boys was created by Henrik Skram, a Norwegian composer who studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London and the Norwegian Academy of Music.  Since entering the film score scene, Skram has created a number of short film scores and scores for full length features like 90 Minutes and Crestfallen.

                The Ballet Boys musical score, recorded in Macedonia is orchestral and expresses the emotions and ups and downs of events in the lives of the three dancers.  The opening track, Grasse, features strings creating a swirling sound, a flurry of activity.  Audition has a classical air and a distinct impression of being light on one's effortless performance, perhaps, or one that comes very naturally to the performer being focused upon in the moment.  Waiting has that feeling of anticipation and fear, expressed through what sounds like a beating heart emulated through the sound of a bass string.  The Finale is a soaring experience, perhaps expressing vindication or extreme happiness.

                The Ballet Boys Soundtrack is a beautiful listening experience.  Perfectly expressing the emotion of the characters in the various stages of their dancing experience, Ballet Boys works perfectly as a stand alone album for someone who has never seen the film.  Simply beautifully uplifting music from Henrik Skram.  I'm hoping to hear more from this artist.


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