DVD Review

American Pie: Band Camp

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            Matt Stiffler (Tad Hilgenbrink) wants to be popular like his brother Steve, otherwise known as The Stiffmeister.  Now that Steve is a video icon, producing “Girls Gone Wild”-like videos, Matt is desperate for Steve’s acknowledgement.  In school, Matt follows in his older brother’s footsteps, becoming the jock who picks on anyone less cool than he.

            When a prank Matt pulls at the Senior Class Commencement goes wrong, he finds himself in a serious predicament.  Chuck Sherman (AKA: The Sherminator) is assigned to his case.  Having had a history with Steve Stiffler, The Sherminator is none too happy to deal with his younger brother.  Sherman decides that Matt needs an attitude adjustment and sentences him to Band Camp.

            At first, Matt is devastated by this news.  But soon, he devises a plan that is sure to win him recognition from his brother and perhaps a spot in Steve’s business.  Matt purchases spy cameras and other snoop devices and has them shipped to his room at Band Camp, where he will make his own video – Band Camp Girls.  After all, didn’t one of Steve’s friends marry a wild girl from Band Camp?  He’s heard that all Band Camp girls are wild women and is eager to prove this theory to the world.

            Had I paid attention to the credits, I would have realized what I was getting myself into by watching American Pie: Band Camp.  The Unrated rating of this straight to video movie didn’t phase me much – American Pie Unrated was a mere smidgeon more rowdy than the original.  But had I known that Ginger Lynn, a well-known porn star, was a part of the cast, I would have known just what kind of a movie I was in for.

            For the most part, the purpose of this movie was to see how many naked scenes could be fit into one unrated movie.  We get to see Matt’s posterior a number of times.  It seems the apple doesn’t fall far on the Stiffler tree and Matt finds himself in various stages of painful embarrassment, from pepper-spraying his privates to trying to pleasure himself with an oboe.  Yes, an oboe.

            It’s basically all downhill from there.  Band Camp is fraught with nude scenes, sexual innuendo, puke scenes, and the like.  Poor acting, absurdities, and clichés prevail in this waste of 87 minutes. 

            The only bright spot in the entire movie was the appearance of Eugene Levy, whose deadpan delivery in regards to touchy subject matter has made him a favorite in each movie within the American Pie franchise.

            Even the extras in Band Camp were lame!  In one extra, Ginger Lynn, the Band Camp Nurse, gives tips on how to handle women using various forms of fruit.  Basically this extra little side film is a former porn star showing off her talents.  The deleted scenes are seconds long and not worth watching.

            All in all, American Pie: Band Camp is a waste of time and money that should never have been made.




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