Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 1

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Pencillers: Viktor Bogdanovic, Ig Guara and Robson Rocha

Inkers: Art Thibert, Júlio Ferreira and Guillermo Ortego

Distributed By:: DC Comics

                Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 1 is a graphic novel that serves as a prequel to the Batman: Arkham Knight video game.  Picking up after the events of Arkham City, the Batman: Arkham Knight series was originally released in digital only format.  Batman: Arkham Knight: Volume 1 compiles issues 1-6 of the Arkham Knight series.

                Arkham City consists of Gotham's slum denizens, the inmates of Arkham Asylum and the inmates of Blackgate Prison...the dregs of society...all living together in a prison city so to speak.  But Arkham City is about to close.  The Joker is dead and the game has changed.  Still nursing his wounds from the time spent behind Arkham City's enclosures, Bruce Wayne is in a bad place, wondering if his alter ego Batman is still needed.

                The wondering stops as a new evil emerges in Gotham City, one posing as Batman and conducting its own purge of the city's worst criminals.  Worst yet, the citizens of Gotham City actually believe that Batman is the one killing off the city's villains, despite his no kill policy.  They believe that Batman is giving them permission to do whatever is necessary to make Gotham City safe again.

                Batman finds himself seeking out this vigilante, all the while fending off the likes of Penguin and Harley Quinn as he tries to find out just who is behind the death of the Joker and other notorious villains in Arkham City.  But will that search bring about the demise of Batman and the rise of something much darker in his place?

                I found myself wondering just what was going on in Arkham City.  Having never played the video game, I am not exactly sure how it is that the Joker met his demise, but I was certain that Batman really wasn't responsible for his death.  I also knew, though Alfred was hoping differently, that Bruce Wayne wouldn't feel content playing the politician role in executing change for Gotham City.  He knew that he would have to bring Batman into play despite his efforts as Bruce Wayne.

                The idea of a separate vigilante taking out the criminal element in Gotham City is intriguing.  I wonder what his tie to Batman is or if he's just a copycat with a killing edge.  I suppose the only way to find out is to play Batman: Arkham Knight, available in stores now.


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