Beastly Soundtrack

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Beastly, a modern day retelling of Beauty and the Beast, Alex Pettyfer is Kyle Kingson, a high school student who seemingly has it all - good looks, money, intelligence.  Unfortunately, Kyle has an ugly side which he uses to mock and humiliate unattractive classmates.  His cruelty eventually ensnares a Goth classmate named Kendra who decides to retaliate, casting a spell on Kyle that turns him into everything he despises.  The only way to cast off the curse is to find someone who will love him as he is.  But how can Kyle find someone to love him when he looks so hideous?

            The soundtrack of Beastly consists of thirteen tracks of songs by various artists including Regina Spektor, The Vines, Matt Kearney, Hanover Swain, Kristina & the Dolls and more.  The songs on the soundtrack are basically indie rock with a ballad here and there.  Looking at the list of singers and recognizing a couple of songs, I couldn’t wait to take a listen.

            From the very first track, I was hooked.  The opening tracks of Beastly are a great deal of fun.  Starting things off is Regina Spektor with On the Radio.  I love the piano opening, the catchy lyrics and the message it offers about love: “And then you take that love you made / And stick it into some / Someone else's heart / Pumping someone else's blood / And walking arm in arm / You hope it don't get harmed / But even if it does / You'll just do it all again.”  This is followed by a really fun version of the Lady Gaga song, Vanity,  by Hanover Swain.  The song perfectly describes Kyle Kingson’s attitude before his transformation: “Vanity / (Pictures in magazines, movie screens) / Vanity / (There is a camera, so many beauty queens) / Vanity / (It's so good to be) / Popular and glamorous, we love ourselves and no one else.”

            Things slow down a bit with Tobey Martin’s Garden of Exile and then we’re jumping with my favorite Vines song, Get Free and Boys and Girls by Raney Shockne, featuring Jessie Mann.  Some of you folks might remember Raney Shockne from the Fame Soundtrack.  Her vocals are terrific and I have enjoyed every song I’ve heard her perform.  Then we wind things down with a few songs about love and pain, all of which were enjoyable, but my favorites are Crashing by Gersey, a band that sounds an awful lot like Oasis, Today is the Day by Tim Myers and Breathe In, Breathe Out by Matt Kearney. 

            We round things out with Broken Arrow by Raney Shockne, featuring Jessie Mann.  Broken Arrow is a song about a painful breakup that prevents a girl from finding love with another adoring suitor.  This is followed by Be Mine, a rocking love song by Kristina & the Dolls.

            The Beastly Soundtrack is a great musical experience from start to finish.  I can definitely see, from the lyrics and the style of the music, how these songs would fit in the film.  However, this collection of songs doesn’t just constitute a great musical background for the visual scenes in Beastly.  It also makes for a great stand alone album.  When it comes to movie soundtracks, this one rocks the charts.  I highly recommend checking out the Beastly Soundtrack.


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