Published for Jockey International, Inc., by Mixed Business Group

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


             The world knows that the people at Jockey International, Inc. are well versed in what makes an individual comfortable.  From sportswear to underwear, sleepwear to socks, Jockey has you covered in ways that prove comfortable for your body as well as your wallet.  Seeking new ways to bring comfort to the world, Jockey presents Being magazine. 

            “Connecting people with comfort.”  That’s the magazine’s slogan and its articles seek to do just that in very diverse and innovating ways.  Perusing the Summer 2005 issue, one would find articles discussing the comfort of aromatherapy, family reunions, the art of quilting, innovative ways to beat the heat, hula hoop dancing, a wild horse rescue mission, back yard havens, and more.  Each article is well written and informative.  Every article is accompanied by stunning, full color photography. 

            Sure to be a favorite is the Rituals section of the magazine, which come from the readers themselves, via submissions to the “Write Your Story Challenge” section of the Jockey website (  The Summer 2005 issue’s Rituals feature, entitled Memories of August, is from a reader in Maryland.  In it, the author recounts her grandfather’s Maine home and how it brings her comfort to spend summer holidays within its warm and inviting interior.  Another favorite would be the Shelter section of the magazine which features an article called My Own Comfort Zone.  This six-page feature includes photographs and descriptions of summer shelters including such things as Sioux Tipis and floating beds. 

            Checking out the website adds a special treat, as web surfers are granted access to past issues of the magazine, previews of the latest edition, and an opportunity to sign up to receive the magazine on a regular basis at their homes.  

            Trust the makers of comfortable clothing and accessories to produce a magazine filled with things that provide comfort to everyone of all ages and sizes.  If your looking for comfort, Jockey’s Being magazine is for you.

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