Being Flynn

Composed By: Badly Drawn Boy

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Adapted from Nick Flynnís 2004 memoir Another Bullsót Night in Suck City, Being Flynn stars Paul Dano as the author in his youth.  He misses his mother Jody (Julianne Moore) and doesnít even know his father Jonathan (Robert DeNiro), who abandoned his wife and child eighteen years ago.  A self-professed master storyteller, Jonathan Flynn has been busy living life on his own terms until he faces eviction from his apartment.  After years of only writing occasional letters to his son, Jonathan reaches out to Nick and the two finally come to terms face to face.

            The Being Flynn Soundtrack features music written and performed by Badly Drawn Boy, otherwise known as Damon Gough, a British singer and songwriter who began his recording career with an EP in 1997.  Mainstream success alluded him until the year 2000 when his debut album, The Hour of the Bewilderbeast, earned him a Mercury Music Prize.  That debut album made Badly Drawn Boy one of Britainís rising music stars.  His debut in musical scoring came in 2002 with About a Boy.  Since then, Badly Drawn Boy has created original music for solo albums and film alike.

            The music of Being Flynn alternates between uplifting and sad.  Iím a sucker for a well-played guitar and the musical compositions for this film feature a lot of beautifully played guitar.  The first song on the soundtrack, Iíll Keep the Things You Throw Away has great meaning for the film when you compare it to the synopsis of the film.  Itís as if Paul Danoís characterís mother and the life they used to have with his father are the things Jonathan Flynn threw away that Nick Flynn was willing to keep.  A deeply meaningful song performed with such heartfelt sentiment is a great way to open the soundtrack. 

            The songs on the Being Flynn Soundtrack have a very alternative feel, sometimes veering into jazz, sometimes pop, but always containing lyrics that have some sort of meaning to the characters in the movie.  Damon Gough has a beautiful singing voice and is a skilled lyricist and performer and it really comes out on this album.

            The musical score of Being Flynn contains orchestral music in the style of Bach Asleep at the Wheel features a Bach-esque tune performed on piano with an eventual orchestral backdrop that sort of fades into nothingness.  Priest features the darker side of Bach, with dark, low-toned strings that veer off into a cacophony of scary sound.  These two examples display the extremes of emotion in the scenes the music was composed for. 

            The Being Flynn Soundtrack features pop, jazz and folk mixed in with Bach-like compositions.  One might not think that this would be a really good mix, but somehow the sounds work well on this soundtrack.  Created to express the emotions of the characters and scenes in the film, the Being Flynn Soundtrack is also perfectly enjoyable as a stand alone album and well-worth the listen.


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