Being Human

Musical Score By: Richard Wells

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In January 2011, the Syfy Network aired a new supernatural series entitled Being Human.  The show received a great deal of attention and has been renewed for another season.  However, Being Human actually originated in the UK and has been airing since 2008 on BBC Three.  The supernatural dramedy features three rather interesting individuals who share a house in Bristol.  Now, one would say that this concept may be old, but not when you look closely at the individual housemates and their very unique problems - oneís a werewolf, one is a vampire and the third is a ghost.  On July 26, 2011, Silva Screen Records released the Being Human: Series 1& 2 Soundtrack.

            The soundtrack compiles music from the first two series (seasons) of Being Human, all of which was created by Richard Wells, who began his musical career as a programmer, keyboard player and engineer.  In addition to working on tracks by well-known musicians, Richard Wells did some musical touring of his own, joining the goth band, Clan of Xymox, in 1991.  In 1994, Wells met games composer Dave Punshon and together they have composed music for over 30 computer games.  In 1998, he made his first attempt at scoring film, creating music for Razor Blade Smile.  Since then, Wells has composed musical score for such films as Ong-Bok, Mutant Chronicles and Doghouse.

            The soundtrack begins with Being Human, a rocking track reminiscent of some of Metallicaís instrumental works.  Most of the music on the soundtrack is goth in nature, featuring electric guitars, electric cellos, percussion and keyboards, but there are quite a few other instruments featured on this soundtrack that offer up an exotic air such as the erhu, mandolin, bell cystern and more.  The album also features some ethnic vocal tracks.  I have no idea what is being said in these tracks, but the music is haunting and perfect for a supernatural television series.

            There are dark horror tracks such as Box Tunnel Massacre, Itís Coming and Catacombs.  These get spookier as the album progresses with disjointed noises and string section-assisted musical shrieks that send chills up the listenerís spine.

            I found the Being Human: Series 1 & 2 Soundtrack to be quite original in nature, featuring a perfect blend of gothic music associated with the paranormal, orchestral sound and ethnic styling.  The fact that Richard Wells not only composed and programmed this soundtrack, but also performed piano and keyboards shows his dedication to the work he has create for this score.  The music contains an air of mystery and horror and is a perfect accompaniment for a television show of this nature.  It also makes for a rather interesting and unique stand alone album well worth the listen.


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