First Impressions


Aired on: NBC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            This is the time of year when midseason replacements start to filter into our television networks.  The promos for one such midseason replacement airing on NBC caught my eye, so I decided to park myself in front of the television on Monday, March 10, 2014 to watch the season premiere of Believe.

            In this science fiction action thriller, Johnny Sequoyah is Bo Adams, a young girl with some very special and quite inexplicable abilities.  Sought after by the extremely resourceful Roman Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan), Bo is constantly on the run of late.  Her latest “parents” were murdered right in front of her, but Bo escapes her pursuer thanks to the arrival of numerous emergency responders.  She is whisked away to a hospital to treat injuries incurred in the motor vehicle accident that preceded the death of her “parents.”

            Cut to a prison where a death row inmate named Tate (Jake McLaughlin) is about to meet his maker.  Tate insists that he was framed, but no one listens to him.  He is allowed one last visit: a priest who is more than he seems.  The priest, later identified as Milton Winter (Delroy Lindo), ignores Tate’s abrasive behavior and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime: freedom in exchange for a job working for him.  Tate accepts the job, but lives to regret the decision as soon as he discovers what he will be doing in return.

            Cut to the hospital where Bo is being hunted simultaneously by Skouras’ operative and a very reluctant Tate.  She is eventually rescued by Tate and Winter’s team and Tate is assigned as Bo’s protector.  He soon learns of Bo’s incredible powers that appear to be on the paranormal scale.  Although Tate appears to be a poor match as caretaker of a young, intelligent and extremely powerful child, we soon learn that Winter is giving Tate the opportunity at a second chance in life…protecting his biological daughter (of course, Tate is completely unaware of this little bit of reality).

            While I found Johnny Sequoyah to be incredibly adorable and her character's interaction with Tate elicited numerous chuckles, I feel like Believe has been done before.  Rich and resourceful individuals hunting down people with special abilities for nefarious reasons…sounds like a little show named Heroes…or was that Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D…or maybe…You get the picture.  This show’s premise is like dozens of others.  And, yes, you will smile when you see Bo’s powers being used for good and may even cheer when she uses her powers to protect those she cares about.  And, yes, I do love Delroy Lindo in just about any role.  But the fact still remains - there is really nothing new here and I can’t see Believe really hitting the mark with midseason television viewers out there.

            To summarize, Believe has some endearing qualities, but is essentially nothing new in the sci-fi action thriller department and not exactly worth catching every week, especially on its regular date and time - Sundays at 9pm EST against Resurrection, a show I am utterly intrigued by. 


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