Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain

Composed By: Benjamin Wallfisch

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on actual events that occurred thirty years ago, Bhopal A Prayer for Rain follows a young rickshaw driver named Dilip who finds himself lucky enough to land a job in the Union Carbide chemical plant in Bhopal.  As Dilip and his family prepare for his sisterís wedding, they fall victim to one of the worst industrial disasters in history.  Following a storage tank explosion, poisonous gas from the factory is released into the air, killing over fifteen thousand and injuring countless more.

                The musical score of Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain was created by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch.  Making his film scoring debut at the age of 24 with the film Dear Wendy, Wallfisch has gone on to create musical scores for over forty feature films, including The Escapist, Conquest 1453, Hammer of the Gods and The Thirteenth Tale.

                The Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain Soundtrack features music performed by The Chamber Orchestra of London, conducted by Benjamin Wallfisch.  Piano and strings accompany exotic instruments like the Tabla, the Bulbul Tarang (an Indian Banjo) and an Indian flute.  Electronic sound is mixed in to represent the industrial damage to Bhopal.  The music created for this film is absolutely beautiful, sometimes hauntingly so as in the tracks Elegy for Bhopal and Cyanide.  There are two songs on the soundtrack: Rickshaw which is a fun track featuring wordless vocals and A Prayer for Rain.  Performed by Mary Lea, A Prayer for Rain is a sweet song, denoting the innocence of the Bhopal people.

Benjamin Wallfisch has outdone himself with Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain.  Whether representing innocence, danger or tragedy, Wallfisch has managed to create a score with such beauty you will want to listen it to again and again.


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