Reality Television

The Biggest Loser

Aired on: NBC

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I donít watch a lot of reality television and most of the reality TV I watch is educational.  Iím not big on the competition reality shows, so when a friend told me that they were a huge fan of The Biggest Loser, I shrugged it off.  In fact, I didnít even bother to watch the show until last year.  Now, I find myself hooked to a weight loss competition show.  Why?

            The Biggest Loser gathers contestants from all over the country who are willing to undergo an intensive, doctor-monitored weight loss plan which includes a comprehensive diet and bootcamp workouts.  Competitors must face numerous temptations and must be willing to work hard to get results.  The seventh season of The Biggest Loser pits 11 pairs of some of the heaviest contestants ever to compete on the show against one another.  The teams include couples, friends, cousins, sisters, brothers, father/son and Mother/daughter pairings.  All workouts are supervised by The Biggest Loserís intense professional trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

            The showís biggest draw for me is not the competition.  I really couldnít care who wins the grand prize, especially since this is a competition in which popularity and the need to win factors in.  Since the competitors are allowed to vote off members of their household, the winner of the grand prize may not actually be the person who has lost the most weight.  For me, itís the intensity and dedication of each contestant to work toward their goals.  Watching each contestant put forth every effort in their workouts, resisting temptation and sticking to the program is incredibly motivating.  I found that after each episode, I was hyped, ready ton workout and workout hard.  I found that some of the workout tips the trainers give were quite helpful.  As an added bonus, The Biggest Loser offers more tips, diet ideas, message boards and clubs online so that viewers can partake in their own weight loss challenge.

            As I watched the show I became more motivated to lose weight Ė Iím happily not as overweight as the contestants on the show, but I could stand to drop a few pounds.  I always vowed to work hard to keep weight off before, but I havenít exactly stuck to my guns until now.  Since watching this show, I have stuck faithfully to my workouts and have begun working on my portion sizes with much success.  And although I might have done all this on my own, I think that some of my success is owed in part to a weight loss competition that I found both inspiring and motivational Ė The Biggest Loser.


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