Bite Me

A Memoir (Of Sorts)

Written by: Max Thompson

Published By: Inkblot Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


                Being a ghost writing cat has its advantages.  For one thing, I get to write stuff and no one can find me to take me to task for what I write.  For another, I get to be a ghost reader as well, whispering suggestive things like, “Buy my favorite author Max Thompson’s new book,” to my human.  After she buys said book, I get a chance to read it over her shoulder.  So, now that I have read Bite Me: A Memoir (Of Sorts) by Max Thompson, I can ghost write a review based on what I read and my observations of my human while she read it.

                Max Thompson is also known as Psychokitty and I first read about this book, the fourth in his collection, on his website, The Psychokitty Speaks Out.  Max is not afraid to tell you how things are from the kitty perspective which is why I love his writing so much.  I couldn’t wait for the human to start reading Bite Me.  In this memoir, Max goes way back, describing how he came to be with his human as a kitten and his time living with Hank, the golden retriever who lived with his humans before his Younger Human brought Max home.  He reflects on all that Hank taught him before going off to the Rainbow Bridge.

                Max goes on to tell us about his own mentoring moments with little brother Bhudda and how this little kitten gave him cooties that almost killed him.  Of course, his bout with illness, though scary, made him much more appreciated by the humans, so I suppose the cooties were worth it.  Max also takes time out from this memoir to let any human who reads this book know why cats need toys, what kinds of toys they like and why they need some playtime with their humans.

                While I thoroughly enjoyed Max’s look into his past, I had to wonder about what made him write this memoir.  He seemed to be thinking about his own eminent journey toward the Rainbow Bridge and talked about Dusty the Cat Who Came Before Him, Hank and other cats who made the journey.  Max seemed to want to reassure other kitties and humans that the Rainbow Bridge is nothing to be afraid of and that he is ready for the journey when it comes. 

Scary when you think about it – Max is almost the age I was when I took the trip, but I got to say that I am enjoying life on the other side.  I guess you start thinking about these things when you get that old, but my favorite part of this book was my human’s reaction to it.  She was absolutely sobbing – TWICE!  It started when Max talked about how Hank went over the Bridge and happened again when she read Max’s column about the Rainbow Bridge.  Dude!  She was inconsolable, but what was so great about it was that I knew she was thinking of me and my older brother when the tears started coming.  Nice to know she misses us.

So, if you want to read more about Max’s early adventures, his bouts with the M-word, his mentoring of Bhudda and his thoughts on the Rainbow Bridge, check out Max’s latest book Bite Me.  It would be worth it to read this book with your human – just for the awesome reaction you’ll get from the human while reading it.


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