Blindspot: Season1

Musical Score By: Blake Neely

Distributed by: La-La Land Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the crime drama Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander is Jane Doe, a woman who suffers from amnesia and has no idea how she turned up naked in a bag in the middle of Time Square, New York City.  Even more of a mystery are the tattoos she is covered in.  FBI Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his team soon discover that each of Jane Doe’s intricate tattoos are clues toward a crime that needs to be solved.  As the team solves each crime, they become closer to solving the mystery of Jane’s identity.

                The musical score of Blindspot was created by award-winning American composer, conductor, arranger, orchestrator and musician Blake Neely who began his career at a very young age.   Learning the piano at the age of four, Neely soon began composing songs.  He would eventually learn to play a number of instruments, including the synthesizer, drums and the French Horn.  While in college, he secured an internship with Disney Studios, leading to a job with Disney Hollywood Records.  In 2002, Neely got his big break composing the musical score for the television series, Everwood.  Since then, he has created musical score for a number of television series and films, including Resurrection, The Mentalist, Brothers and Sisters, Life as We Know It, Pan Am, The Pacific, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow,  Arrow, Supergirl and more.

                In this television series, the main character has no memory of her past and her appearance, as well as the tattoos found across her whole body, present a mystery.  The electric and electronic manipulated sound describe Jane Doe’s sketchy memory and the intrigue of the tattoos.  There are moments in which the sound is somewhat acidic industrial rock.  Action sequences are punctuated by a faster pace and heavy percussion while pianos and quieter, haunting tones reflect the main character’s anguish and vulnerability.

                The music of Blindspot: Season 1 is much different than any other Neely score I have listened to.  This one is much more reliant on electric/electronic sound.  I have no doubt that it works well with the mystery and intrigue of the series.  It also presents as quite the interesting listen as a stand alone album.


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