Blood Rush

Composed By: Michael Daniel

Distributed by:
MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the low budget horror film, Blood Rush, a small town is overcome by a blood lust believed to be caused by a local witch doctor with an unknown agenda.  Five friends attempt to escape, but the virus follows them.  No one knows who is infected and no one is safe.

                The musical score of Blood Rush was created by American composer Michael Daniel.  Based in Hawaii, Daniel is a composer of film, theater and concert music who has built a name for himself writing the book music and lyrics for musicals such as Frankenstein, The Show Must Go On, Sleepy Hollow, Alone and Staying and Getting Together.  Having created a number of scores for independent film projects, Blood Rush constitutes Daniel's first foray into full-length feature film.

                The score of Blood Rush is old school horror, reminiscent of scores from movies I watched as a kid like The Blob, Planet of the Apes, The Thing and more.  The music features some instruments like banjos and harpsichords that are not entirely expected, but add an interesting musical element to the score.  The banjos give a country feel to things while the harpsichord offers up that slightly off-tune sound keeping listeners on edge as if suggesting that something is off about the people in this town.  I loved the spinning sensation created by the music in What Goes Around - genius.

                Overall, I found the Blood Rush Soundtrack to be quite an interesting start for Michael Daniel.  The score is not quite what one would expect, but features all the right elements to keep the listener on edge, adding to the visual components of the film nicely.  I am interested to see more of what Michael Daniel can offer the movie industry.  Right now, I like what I, hear.


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