The Bloody Quarrel: Episode 1

Written by: Duncan Lay

Published By: Momentum Books

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                Some time ago, I was introduced to a story by Duncan Lay via The Last Quarrel, told in five parts, is a fantasy thriller about a man named Fallon and the lengths he will go to in order to protect his family and the people he has been chosen to lead.  Swearing to discover who is secreting away the people of Berry, Fallon sets out to expose the monster, only to have his own wife spirited away.  The tale ends with Fallon killing his most trusted friend and the hope of the kingdom.  What a way to end a story!  Thankfully, Duncan Lay has blessed us with a sequel.

                The Bloody Quarrel: Episode 1 begins where The Last Quarrel left off.  Fallon is in shock over what he has been tricked into doing.  Now, at King Aidan's mercy, Fallon must follow the king's instructions to the letter or risk losing his entire village and his wife and son.  Hoping each day to expose the King and his son for the evil beings they are, Fallon must swallow his pride, get past his guilt and look wisely upon the situation he finds himself in.  Aidan has something more planned for him, of that Fallon is certain, but what further treachery awaits?

                Meanwhile, across the ocean, his wife Bridgit finds herself the leader of the Gaelish women and children enslaved by the Kottermani.  Doing everything she can to prevent them from being sold off, Bridgit tries to make the Kottermani understand her people's worth.  All the while, she is formulating a plan for escape.  But who can she trust - already there have been traitors amongst them...and in her delicate condition, can she afford to wait for escape any longer?

                Oh man, I waited so long for this!  When I read the last page of The Last Quarrel, I actually asked the author how he could leave us hanging like that.  He assured me that a sequel was in the works and The Bloody Quarrel: Episode 1 has met every expectation.  The dual predicaments of Fallon and Bridgit are equally intriguing.  I wonder what King Aidan is up to and whether Bridgit could actually escape the clutches of her slavers.  Even if she can, how will she get back to her people?   And if she can, knowing the treachery of the King, will there be anyone left of her family to come back to?

                This follow up to The Last Quarrel is just what the doctor ordered!  I cant wait to check out Episode 2 of The Bloody Quarrel!


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