The Bones of You

Author: Debbie Howells

Published By: Kensington Publishing Corp

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                I was looking for something different to read...something with a haunted air, by someone whose books I hadn't read before, with a bit of a mystery to solve.  That was when I came across a blurb about a book called The Bones of You by Debbie Howells.  It seemed to have everything that I was looking for and more, so I downloaded a copy.

                When a teenager named Rosie Anderson goes missing, everyone in town just assumes it's the usual teenage drama - a row with parents, a jaunt with a boyfriend, a night away from home just because.  But Kate is unconvinced.  She knows Rosie from the time they spent together looking after Kate's horses and Kate is convinced that Rosie is more responsible than the average teen.

                Kate's worst suspicions are validated when the authorities discover Rosie's body in the woods near Kate's home.  The strange thing about where they found Rosie?  Kate had been riding in the area and had a very chilling feeling that something horrible had happened in just the spot where Rosie was found.  Worse yet, the manner of Rosie's death leaves no doubts - she was murdered.

                All who knew Rosie are shocked by this revelation.  Who would murder such a sweet, innocent girl...or was she as sweet and innocent as everyone once thought?

                The Bones of You is written entirely in the first person, but depending on the character, you are supplied with different points of view.  Rosie, now separated from her dying body, supplies one viewpoint; Kate supplies another and then there is Delphine, Rosie's twelve-year-old sister, who offers up a tidbit here and there.  Things get a tad bit confusing with all of those viewpoints written in first person point of view, especially when Rosie starts seeing things through another family member's eyes.  But if you are really paying attention, you'll get it straight. 

                And believe me, you're going to be paying attention.  This murder mystery will have you engrossed from chapter one until the surprising revelations of the final chapters.  You'll even find yourself enjoying the ghost angle.  It's cleverly done and subtle - no over the top stuff like corporeal figures pointing out the killer.  Rosie's ghost doesn't scream out the killer's name from the abyss of death or move furniture around, but her presence is felt in more subtle ways.

                There will be a moment or two when you will want to smack Kate into awareness.  She's a bit naive and won't see the writing on the wall as clearly as you do.  You just have to remind yourself that Kate doesn't have the same benefits you do - you know Rosie's point of view, helping you solve the mystery much faster.

                The Bones of You is a terrifically engrossing murder mystery novel with a supernatural touch and definitely what I was looking for in an entertaining read.  Debbie Howells has a writing style that is captivating and keeps you hooked until the very end.  I would definitely love to read more from this author!


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