Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter

Writers: Gail Simone

Penciller: Nicola Scott

Inker: Doug Hazlewood

Distributed By: DC Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Picking up where Blood and Circuits left off, the latest Birds of Prey trade paperback, Dead of Winter, finds out heroines in a tight spot.  Oracle is now forced to work with Spy Smasher and that means she has to put her team in the Spy Smasher’s ruthless hands.  Their mission finds them in Azerbaijani, searching for a new, powerfully destructive technology…a technology that, if put to use by the wrong faction, could prove disastrous for the United States.  Unfortunately, the Birds soon discover that Spy Smasher hasn’t told them everything about their mission and a surprising twist in the action has Oracle believing that her team may have been lead into a trap.  Can the team recover the super weapon they came for and retreat in one piece, or will Spy Smasher have destroyed the Birds of Prey forever.

            Compiling Birds of Prey issues #104-108, Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter is a woefully small trade paperback comprised of just 124 pages.  However, the storyline more than makes up for meager size of the book.  So do the pages which consist of shiny material, allowing for the colorful images to practically pop off of the page.  The artwork of Nicola Scott and Doug Hazlewood is incredible, lending credence to the amazing storyline from Gail SimoneDead of Winter is touted as being the last of the Gail Simone storyarcs and I have to say, she will be sorely missed as one of the few writers to get into the Birds’ heads and create believable and gripping storylines.

            I enjoyed the multi-tiered struggle of good versus evil in this tale.  There was the good versus evil of the Birds versus General Feodor Kerimov.  You had the good versus evil of the Birds against the Secret Six.  You had the good versus evil of Oracle versus Spy Smasher.  Layer-peeling is not a trait of many comic books, but then, Birds of Prey is no ordinary comic either.  The action sequences were wholly enjoyable and believable.  The art pops!  I loved the dialogue between the characters.  Even Zinda was cool in this issue – wait until you see how she clashes with Katarina!

            Many people say that size doesn’t matter.  That may be true for some things, but it was never so true as in this instance.  As small a trade paperback as it is, Birds of Prey: Dead of Winter packs one heckuva wallop!  You don't miss this storyarc!


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