Birds of Prey: End Run

Writer: Gail Simone

Pencilers: Ed Benes, Adriana Melo, Alvin Lee

Inkers: Ed Benes, Mariah Benes, J.P. Mayer, Jack Purcell

Distributed By: DC Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            I was so happy when the powers that be at DC Comics announced that the Birds of Prey comic book series would be returning to the lineup after its abrupt ending in 2009.  Perhaps they realized that there were a lot of BOP fans out there.  Or perhaps they brought it back, only to destroy it.  There was only one way to find out.  After hearing good things about the new series, I decided to purchase its first trade paperback collecting comics 1-6, Birds of Prey: End Run.

            After years apart, Oracle brings her favorite operatives back to the fold to fight a cunning enemy.  Joined by newly resurrected superheroes, Hawk and Dove, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk are brought together by Barbara Gordon after she receives files containing everything there is to know about all of those who once worked for or with the Birds of Prey.  A gauntlet has been thrown down - the Birds of Prey must face their enemy or someone they love will die for every hour they refuse.  There really is no choice in the matter.

            As the newly formed team face off against the mysterious White Canary, Oracle tries to aid them in every way possible, until she realizes that the White Canary is not alone.  Facing an attack on her home front, Barbara is unable to help her team as they fight for their survival against a semi-known enemy and enemies unseen.  Can they survive the battle, or will the Birds of Prey team be forever torn apart?

            Hallelujah!  Gail Simone is back and better than ever.  Her writing made this series great and her loss definitely sent shockwaves throughout BOP fandom.  When Gail Simone left Birds of Prey, the series writing took a major hit that it never fully recovered from.  With Gail back at the helm, Birds of Prey has achieved the greatness that made me a fan.  The believable banter is back between the team and the love that holds them together has retuned. 

            Guess who else is back?!  Ed Benes, one of the best artists in Birds of Prey history, meaning that our ladies look just the way they are supposed to.  No more cartoonish or manga-fied artwork.  Our girls our back!  The team of Ed Benes, Adriana Melo and Alvin Lee are spot on.  These are the Birds I remember and love.

            The storyline is full of twists and interesting turns.  I never would have guessed at the powers that be behind the plot to destroy the Birds - an awesome turn of events.  Also, bringing back the Brothers of Silk was also a masterful touch.  Iím still not sold on the characters of Hawk and Dove on the team - I think we can do without those two.  The girls are at their best when itís just Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and Lady Blackhawk.  Yet, despite this one flaw, I thought End Run featured the best return of a crime fighting team in years.

            Birds of Prey: End Run is filled with action and intrigue and a couple of surprise twists.  The writing is terrific, the artwork is amazing and the storyline is well thought out.  End Run is a great way to announce the return of Gail Simone and Ed Benes to the Birds of Prey comic book series.  A return long hoped for and much appreciated!  Birds of Prey: End Run is a trade paperback I will be more than happy to add to my BOP collection.


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