Borgia: Season 2

Composed By: Eric Neveux

Distributed by: Silva Screen Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                The popular Showtime series Borgia surrounds one of the most infamous crime family of the Renaissance era.  Taking place in Rome, the series features Rodrigo Borgia, the man who would become Pope Alexander.  In Season 2 of Borgia, Pope Alexander continues to do anything he can to continue his reign of power while his offspring take their own steps at securing a position within the Borgia family.

                The musical score of Borgia: Season 2 was created by French composer Eric Neveux.  Studying piano at an early age and moving on toward music theory, by the age of twenty-five Neveux made his first foray into film score composition with Regarde La Mer.  Since then, he has made a name for himself with acclaimed musical scores for such films as Sitcom, Flight of the Storks, Dignity and the first season of Borgia.

                The music created for Borgia: Season 2 features acoustic guitars mixed in with orchestral strings and percussion.  The guitars are representative of the culture and music of the time in Renaissance-era Rome.  Fast played strings and percussion describe moments of intrigue.  Dark undertones perfectly describe the ruthlessness of the Borgia clan. 

I have never watched the show, but know something of the history of Rodrigo Borgia and I believe that Neveux has captured the essence of Rodrigo/Pope Alexander extremely well. I enjoyed the interesting blend of orchestral strings and percussion with the sexy acoustic guitar themes.   I particularly enjoyed the addition of church bells in the last track, The Will of God, and the bonus track, the Borgia French Main Titles

The more I hear from Eric Neveux, the more I like and the Borgia: Season 2 Soundtrack is well-worth taking a listen to for some thoughtful, thematic musical score perfect for the era in which the series is set.


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