Bounty Killer

Composer: Greg Edmonson

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Twenty years ago, corporations took over the world's governments and their greed for power and profits caused a ferocious global battle that destroyed society as we knew it.  Rising from the ashes of corporate greed is a Council of Nine, a new law and order set on revenge for the destruction caused by corporations.  Death warrants are issued for white collar criminals and are executed by a breed of hero: the Bounty Killer, hunters of self-serving corporate executives that provide the survivors of the apocalypse with a little retribution. 

            The musical score of Bounty Killer was created by American composer Greg Edmonson.  Growing up in Texas, Edmonson began his foray into music by learning the guitar.  He studied jazz composition in college and became a studio musician and session player before attending the Musicians Institute of Technology.  A protégé of enormously successful television composer Mike Post, Greg Edmonson went on to become a successful composer himself, best known for his work on the television series Firefly and the Uncharted video game series.

            The Bounty Killer Soundtrack is action based and mainly orchestral, although there are instances of electronic and electric sound.  The score reflects the variety of ethnic backgrounds and styles of each bounty killer as they go about "executing" their warrants.  My favorite track is a perfect example of the varying styles found on this album.  Granny Chainsaw is a rocking track with great guitar riffs.  The fourth track on the album, Granny Chainsaw is way too short for such great sound. 

            Another interesting track is Gypsy Camp.  Featuring screeching violins and heavy percussion, I found myself wondering just what was taking place in the film while listening to this part of the score.  The final track, New Mustang, starts off with a strumming guitar and becomes more orchestral and grander as the track progresses, giving the listener a sense of great victory and perhaps a sense of justice for the survivors. 

            The album features one song near the end.  Let's Get on With It, performed by Clarence Murray, is a 1969 track featuring that 60s mix of rock and funk.  In the song, the singer basically calls out a fairly confident woman, complimenting her and challenging her at the same time.  It's a fun song and so much in contrast with the rest of the music found on the album that it stands out as quite unique and in keeping with the comedy/action style of the film.

            I had a lot of fun listening to the Bounty Killer Soundtrack, although I am surprised that the album doesn't contain the theme and ending credit songs performed by Sara Bareillis.  Still, I did enjoy the one song on the album and the musical score was diverse and unique.  The Bounty Killer Soundtrack is a great listen for any fan of action film soundtracks.


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