Breaking Dawn

Written by: Stephenie Meyer

Published By: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus


            I just could not wait for the final book in the Twilight series to arrive.  I pre-ordered it on Amazon what seemed like weeks ago and I had just started a different piece of work when the UPS man rang my bell and made my day.

            Breaking Dawn is a huge novel, over 750 pages, but Stephanie Meyer makes that feel…well…short.  The book leaves off where Eclipse finished with Bella engaged to the love of her life Edward.  Bella is apprehensive about her upcoming nuptials, but she wants to be turned into a vampire, so this is Edward’s compromise.  Bella is worried her friends and family will think she is too young to be making such a commitment.  I have to admit, when reading the novel, I wondered why Charlie and Renee didn’t protest more about such an early marriage for their daughter.

            Alice is busy planning the wedding and keeping an eye on the Volturi, making sure that the Cullen Clan and Bella are safe until Bella is turned into a vampire.  Meanwhile, Jacob is nowhere to be found.  He split town after the engagement and was off and running in the northern mountains.  Jacob does want to be there for Bella and does so in his own unique way by crashing the wedding.  Meyer’s writing is so in tune with the characters she has created that you can feel the pain Jacob is experiencing through the pages.

            Soon, Bella and Edward are off to a special island for the honeymoon where they experience marital bliss for the first time.  Bella becomes very sick, which has Edward distraught beyond belief.  The Cullen Family cannot believe the cause of Bella’s illness, which turns out to be a baby.  Not everyone is happy about this blessing for a couple of reasons.  First, the pregnancy was killing Bella.  Second, we learn that the baby has special powers which intrigue all who come near it.

            Vampire and werewolves alike are divided as to whether the baby should be destroyed before it kills Bella and then comes after them.  Unfortunately, our friends the Volturi are interested in the child as well.  With destruction imminent, secrets are revealed, bonds are formed and friendships rekindled.

            A page turner, you will not want to put Breaking Dawn down.  It keeps you guessing as to what will happen next.  The torture that Jacob goes through in this novel really tears your heart out.  If you have read the books this far, you definitely should finish the series by reading Breaking Dawn.


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