Brother's Keeper

Composed By: Bill Brown

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


             In the 2012 dramatic film, Brother's Keeper, Pete (Alex Miller) and Andy Goodwyn (Graham Miller) are twins who have always been close despite their differences.  As their high school graduation nears, the twins' plans couldn't be more different.  Andy has no direction in life and seemingly no future, while Pete has big plans: to become a preacher and marry his high school sweetheart, Maggie (Mackenzie Mauzy).  Unfortunately, in a strange twist of fate, Pete finds himself locked in prison thanks to trumped up charges instituted by the town's most powerful family, one of whose members is a rival for Maggie's heart.  Can Andy gain Pete's freedom and if so, will they then seek vengeance on those who sought to sully their name?

The musical score of Brother's Keeper was created by American composer Bill Brown, an artist whose passion for the art of film scoring was inspired after years of listening to the musical scores of John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and John Barry.  Combining electronic sound with orchestral composition and the use of new technologies as they become available have kept Brown's musical scores fresh and unique.  Beginning his career creating musical scores for such popular video games as Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon, Brown has also composed musical scores for such well-known films as The Devilís Tomb, Dark Prophecy and Duke and for the hit series CSI: NY.

The music of Brother's Keeper is extremely emotional.  There is a sense of tension, anger and courage throughout.  The majority of the passion on this soundtrack is expressed through solos in the midst of an orchestral track, the piano solos being the most poignant.  There is a sense of sadness mingled with a sense of purpose that pervades the entire album.  Intermingled with it all are bits and pieces of electronic sound used to build the emotional tide of each scene.

The Brother's Keeper Soundtrack features some beautifully composed music, but, in my opinion, doesn't really tell the story of the movie itself.  Sure, it does heighten the emotional experience of someone watching the film and hearing this musical score in the background, but I don't think that anyone listening to this album would have any knowledge of what is truly taking place without knowing something about the movie.  That being said, the album is an excellent example of a beautifully emotion-driven composition and in that I offer kudos for a job well-done to Bill Brown.


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