Non-Fiction: Sports


Written by: George F. Will

Published By: Scribner

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            My love of baseball knows no bounds.  Although my favorite team is the New York Mets, my love for the sport as a whole has inspired me to read any and all books that come my way regarding baseball.  When a friend offered me a book about the Chicago Cubs, I jumped at the chance to learn more about the team that dates back to the earliest years of baseball.        

            Bunts is a collection of works Ė essays, articles, etc. - written by George F. Will between the years 1974 and 1997.  A Pulitzer-prize winning writer, journalist and author known for his conservative views on politics, this book has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the love of baseball.  George F. Willís favorite team is the Chicago Cubs and, as a longstanding and faithful fan, Will knows just what itís like to watch his team play year after year without ever winning a pennant race. 

            In Bunts, Will discusses the major changes in baseball, such as the designated hitter rule, unionization, recent franchise additions, free agency, and more. Throughout several humorous articles, George F. Will describes what it is like to be a fan of a team that hasn't won a pennant since World War II.  I love baseball, but sometimes find books about the sport to be tedious and over-stuffed with statistics. Will knows a great deal about the sport he loves and does provide a plethora of statistics in his writings, but he doesnít smother the reader by overdoing things.

            The only part of the book I disliked was the repetitive nature, such as the numerous times that the strike negotiations were discussed or the number of articles dedicated to proving baseball owners wrong about the idea of free agency.  However, I do realize that this is a compilation of works and thus, the repetitive nature is not intentional.

            Considering that the man never played the sport, Will's reflections on baseball are rather involved and mostly accurate. I suppose this can be chalked up to his love of the Chicago Cubs, a love so strong that he once managed to get his hands on stock in the Cubs franchise!  I love historical sports novels that provide pictures as well as written history.  This book has both and the knowledge and insight I gained about the sport and the Chicago Cubs team was wonderful.  Anyone searching for more insight on the Chicago Cubs or the sport of baseball as a whole should start by reading Bunts, a collection of written works inspired by one manís love for the art of baseball.


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