Burying the Ex Score and EP

Score Composed By: Joseph LoDuca

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the comedy horror Burying the Ex, Max (Anton Yelchin) believes he has found the perfect woman for him in Evelyn (Ashley Greene)...that is, until she moves in with him.  She has begun to take over his life, changing his apartment decor and just becoming outright annoying.  He begins to think that he may have to call things off when Evelyn is killed.  Max eventually moves on and begins to date Olivia (Alexandra Daddario), but Evelyn isn't quite done with her boyfriend just yet.

            In June 2015, Lakeshore Records announced two Burying the Ex music releases - the original score and a soundtrack EP.  The Burying the Ex Soundtrack EP contains six tracks of songs by various artists, including Zachary Kibbee, Chantal Claret and The Kobanes.  The Burying the Ex Score album contains the original song Poison Love by Electroillusion and musical score by American composer Joseph LoDuca.  Brought up in Detroit, LoDuca has always had a love affair with music, beginning with rock and jazz.  A move to New York to go to university found him studying guitar and musical composition.  Eventually LoDuca expanded his musical tastes, studying more exotic and ancient tones.  LoDuca's scoring résumé includes the Evil Dead trilogy, Spartacus, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, The Legend of the Seeker, Xena: Warrior Princess and The Librarians.

            The score of Burying the Ex features a mix of both horror and comedic cues performed by traditional orchestral instruments with some piano, electric guitar and ethnic instrumentation thrown in for good measure.  Horror cues include slashing music, dark melodies, Psycho shower scene sounds, loud choral bursts and high-pitched violin screeches.  Comedy cues include piano key taps and quirky woodwind sounds.  I even detected the sound of castanets clacking in one of the tracks...sort of a duel of wills kind of sound.

            The songs of Burying the Ex are mainly alternative/indie rock.  Poison Love is perhaps the best choice lyrically for the film, but I did enjoy New Boyfriend by The Kobanes and No Good Way to Die by Chantal Claret.  My favorite track on the EP isn't indie rock at all, but an amazing electronic instrumental dance track by Far Too Loud called Cybertron.

            For the most part, though the soundtrack EP was enjoyable, I found the original score album featuring one song by Electroillusion to be the far greater buy.  Both the score album and the EP are currently priced at $9.49US and I think the musical score is far more of an interesting listen, not to mention the fact that it is a great deal longer than the music found on the EP.  Though I probably will have no plans to see the Burying the Ex film, I can honestly say that Joseph LoDuca created a score I found so intriguing that I actually looked up the film's trailer just to see what the film was about.  Great job on that score, Mr. LoDuca!


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