Californication: Season 3

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When the television series Californication first premiered on Showtime, I had no desire to watch it.  I had no interest in a series featuring David Duchovny as Hank Moody, a novelist whose weaknesses involving sex, drugs and drink have caused him to lose everything.  Of course, he canít blame himself for his downfall - he must blame his recent move to California and his persistent writerís block for his troubles in life.  Having no interest in the show, I was surprised to discover that it has lasted for three seasons.  I was even more surprised to receive the soundtrack for Californication: Season 3, but I was determined to review it with an open mind.

            At first glance, one notices that the titles of each track represent something pertinent to Moodyís lifestyle.  Unfortunately, some of these tracks are not clean enough to mention on this site.  One such track, the first on the CD, is by Rob Zombie.  Now, I have always enjoyed Rob Zombieís music.  You may find this surprising coming from someone who is not exactly a metal head, but I do enjoy the occasional heavy metal song.  Rob Zombieís song, although explicit, is rather good.  I took this as a good sign. 

            Then I got to the third track, Danielle Duvalís take on a timeless classic, Youíre the One That I Want.  I can only describe this as Olivia Newton-John meets grunge.  Were this the only grunge-destroyed song on the soundtrack, I could live with it, but Duval also lays waste to I Want You to Want Me.

            While I canít say that I truly loved the Californication: Season 3 Soundtrack, I canít say that I hated it either.  I think the music on this soundtrack requires a love for certain musical stylings that I cannot profess.  However, there are some great rock tracks on this album and those into the grunge scene may actually enjoy Danielle Duvalís warblings. 

            There you have it - my open-minded, honest impressions of a soundtrack I never expected to receive for a television series I never wanted to watch.  I believe the Californication: Season 3 Soundtrack is one of those soundtracks geared toward a certain musical style and taste.  Itís just one of those albums you will either love or hate based upon your musical preferences.


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