Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail

Composed by: Luis Ivers

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Based on one of the most popular Spanish comic book heroes, Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail  features Sergio Peris-Mencheta in the title role of a twelfth-century knight fighting injustice all over the world.  This film, released in Spain on October 7, 2011, Captain Thunder and his companions must find the Holy Grail and return it to the Guardian Knights before the upcoming eclipse.

            The musical score of Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail was created by Spanish composer Luis Ivers.  Coming from a classical background, Ivers expanded his musical abilities performing jazz, rock and pop as keyboardist for bands like Mediterráneo and Danza Invisible.  After touring Spain and internationally for twenty years, Luis Ivers turned his focus toward film composition, creating over seventy musical scores for television, movie, theater and more.

            The Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail Soundtrack is everything one would expect from a film about a comic book hero, filled with dramatic flair and fanfare.  It would seem that Ivers has been influence by Hans Zimmer and the soundtrack reflects this sometimes a bit too much as in the case of the track, Thunder to the Rescue, in which I hear quite a bit of Pirates of the Caribbean with subtle changes in pitch to create a new song.  Being a fan of that particular composition from Hans Zimmer, I was surprised to see it so clearly replicated on a different composer's musical score.

            Other than that, the score for Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail seems to perfectly reflect the action of the film and the valiant hero about which the movie is centered.  Of particular notice are Hassan Desert, in which vocals make the track that much more exotic and poignant, and Revelation which features horn fanfare at the moment of the reveal.  The Captain Thunder and the Holy Grail Soundtrack provides a decent listen and is the epitome of what one would expect of a larger than life comic book hero soundtrack.


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