Carry On

Artist: Fauxbois

Produced by: Sparkle & Shine Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            The band Fauboix began when lead singer and songwriter Brian Mayer returned to his hometown of Boise, Idaho with a multitude of songs under his belt, written in his Brooklyn, New York apartment.  He even had an act lined up, a solo act called Mayerforceone, which he had performed on street corners and in clubs in New York.  In 2007, Mayer began recording his multitude of songs with Point Juncture WA, a band from Portland, Oregon.  As the recordings progressed however, it became apparent that these songs could not be performed by a solo act and so Brian Mayer went to work recruiting band members like Caleb McKim, Tori McKim, Scott Seward, Kate Seward, Shaun King and Trevor Kamplaign.  The band was dubbed Fauxbois in 2009 and they began working on completing the album Mayer had begun recording in 2007 entitled Carry On.

            The Fauxbois sound on this album is mainly alternative rock.  The music is explosive as witnessed in the title song, a long track with rocking guitars and percussions that tend to drown out the vocals a tad.  Brian Mayerís singing is somewhat off key in a style that works for the bands Sum 41 and Good Charlotte, but only works sometimes for Mayer.  I say sometimes, because other times the singing is downright painful.  Carry On may be the longest track on the album and is, by far, the best.  I can actually picture this track being played as background music in an independent film full of introspection like Henry Poole Is Here or Sunshine Cleaning.

            The rest of the tracks range from short to ďThatís it?Ē  Most of the songs feature awesome music, mediocre singing and not exactly memorable lyrics.  Thereís even one track in which the tempo is definitely moving one way while the singer is moving another (Shadow Boxing).  And yet, I didnít dislike all of the songs on the album.  Other than Carry On, my favorite track on the album is actually a duet performed by Brian Mayer and Lisa Simpson called Teleportation.  The songís lyrics arenít what grabbed me - it was the stand out voice of Lisa Simpson.  Small wonder that this talented singer hasnít been signed to a major label yet.      

            For the most part, although I can see the direction the band was attempting to go in, the debut album of Fauxbois just doesnít really have enough going for it.  But Carry On is, after all, only the debut album of this band.  I can see some definite promise, just not enough for me to recommend checking out Carry On as an album.  However, I do recommend you check out the title song, Carry On, and Teleportation.  These are definitely worth the dollar MP3 price tag.


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