Cat Fancy

Published by: Fancy Publications, a Division of BowTie, Incorporated

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When I first began my adventure as a cat owner, I made it my business to purchase books and magazines about cats.  I wanted my pet experience to be as enjoyable for myself as my cat and I felt that knowledge was the key.  The more knowledge I gained through reading and observation, the better the experience for both parties involved.  One of the magazines I was subscribed to at the time was Cat Fancy.  I enjoyed reading the magazine and even saved issues I felt were helpful in some way. 

            But then, as often happens, money got tight and certain things had to get cut out of the budget.  By this point, I was the proud owner of two cats and felt that I could let go of my Cat Fancy subscription.  I was recently offered the opportunity to check out the magazine once again for a terrific price and I decided to take the offer to see if Cat Fancy was still the informative and enjoyable magazine I remembered.

            My first issue was the May 2009 issue featuring a European Burmese and Bi-Color Persians on the cover.  The issue was chock-filled with articles.  I read about a retirement home for cats constructed by photographer and cat lover, Bob Walker, and his artist wife, Frances Mooney.  I learned about the YWCA and their efforts to assist a homeless cat who has since become somewhat of a therapy cat for all those in residence.  As always, Cat Fancy features articles about specific cat breeds and I was treated to knowledge about Bi-Colored Persians and European Burmese, the featured breeds in Mayís issue.  I joked incessantly about the remembered tradition of the Cat Fancy centerfold - this monthís centerfold was the European Burmese.  Fans of the breed can remove the centerfold and use it as a poster to cover the wall of their petís favorite corner. 

            But that wasnít all May 2009ís issue had to offer.  I learned about ticks and fleas and how to keep the annoying pests away from my pets and out of my home via both chemical and natural means.  I learned about hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in cats - amazing the similar diseases experienced by our favorite four-legged friends and humans.  I also learned about placing cats on weight-loss diets, holistic ways to treat feline lower urinary tract disease, therapy cats, and how to teach cats tricks.  Funny tongue-in-cheek articles about cats and ownership in general are supplied by Garfield and Sandy Robins respectively.  Breeders and pet owners will discover that Cat Fancy has a whole section devoted to sales - a replica of the want ads found in local newspapers.  I usually steer clear of this section, but I imagine its useful for breeders.

            All that in one issue - amazing!  But imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks later, I received the June 2009 issue featuring the Egyptian Mau and a Turkish Van on the front cover and actress Jenna Fischer and her cat Andy on the rear cover.  This particular issue was actually two issues in one.  One side of the issue was Cat Fancy in its regular format.  The other side featured the Summer 2009 edition of Natural Cat: Caring for Your Whole Cat.

            The June 2009 issue contained information about the featured breeds with the Egyptian Mau as the centerfold and articles about Jenna Fischer and her adopted cat Alex, preparing yourself and your cat for disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods, heartworms, itchy and dry skin, the possibility of cats being able to predict earthquakes, cat art, toxoplasmosis, hypoallergenic cats and more.  The Natural Cat issue contained information about nutrition, making your kittyís home more eco-friendly while still keeping it safe for your pet, cat litters, vitamin supplements, and acupuncture (I have to say that I was a little surprised at that one).  

            After receiving two issues of Cat Fancy magazine, I can honestly say that I have already received my moneyís worth.  The magazines are chock-full of information that can be extremely useful to cat owners whether they own pure breed cats or mixes.  Information supplied about pure breeds could aid a pet owner when deciding to adopt a new pet into their household by answering the question - is this pet the right pet for me?  Health information aids in ensuring the health of the readerís pets by offering them knowledge into the aspects of proper feeding, litter issues, health issues and more.

            Cat lovers will enjoy the magazine just on principle, but cat owners will find Cat Fancy to be a very useful aide in the rearing of their family member and the maintenance of his/her continued health.  Iíve only received two issues of Cat Fancy and Iíve already received a bargain.  I canít wait to see what the other issues have in store.


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