Cats' Letters to Santa

Compiled and Edited By: Bill Adler

Illustrations By: Paul Bacon

Published By: MJF Books

Reviewed by Natasia Minners


            Every once in a while, my human will by books just for me…well, she will put them on the lowest shelf of the bookcase, so whatever I can reach without much effort, must be mine.  One such book arrived just in time for the holiday season: Cats’ Letters to Santa.  Having never written a letter to Santa Paws (I usually just dictate my demands to my human and send her off shopping), I was immediately intrigued and had to check out what my fellow cats have been writing.

            The things my fellow cats are asking Santa for are quite interesting, ranging from extra kitty family members to new vets to bigger homes to catnip.  Some have special requests like sitting on Santa’s lap or pictures of Santa riding in his sleigh.  Others are more practical asking for something different this year…something more appetizing than just tuna, something more pleasing than just a ball of yarn

            There are some extremely creative cats who ask for things like the opportunity to be a mascot for the New York Yankees or becoming Santa’s cat.  Others are more down to Earth requesting replacements for things they may have had a hand in destroying, such as curtains.  Still others have praise or helpful suggestions for Santa, commenting on his whiskers or warning him about the dirt in the chimney.

            I got quite a few chuckles while reading Cats’ Letters to Santa and even enjoyed some of the illustrations, although I would have preferred real photos to drawings.  The book has inspired me to type my own letter to Santa.  Of course, I’ll still be dictating my demands to my human, but why not ask Santa for some stuff, too.  That way I get double the catnip and Fancy Feast loot for Christmas this year!


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