Catwoman: The Replacements

Writer: Will Pfeifer

Penciller: David Lopez

Inker: Alvaro Lopez

Distributed By: DC Comics

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Ah, finally a Catwoman comic book I can sink my teeth into.  Selina Kyle has evolved from an infamous cat burglar into a crime fighter – quite an evolution if you ask me.  From burglar extroadinaire, Selina Kyle has transformed into a protector of the citizens of the East End of Gotham.  Well, now Selina Kyle is about to undergo yet another transformation – she is about to enter into the world of motherhood.  As a crime fighter, Selina Kyle has risked her life to protect the lives of others.  As a mother, Selina realizes that she must put one tiny life above all others.  As a result, she must relinquish her mantle as Catwoman to someone new.

            Catwoman: The Replacements is a trade paperback compilation of issues 53-58 of the Catwoman comic book series.  Selina Kyle has found her replacement, an old friend from the streets named Holly Robinson.  Unfortunately, Selina’s pregnancy makes it nearly impossible for her to properly train Holly for the trials that lay ahead.  That’s where Ted Grant, aka: Wildcat, comes in.  Wildcat becomes Holly’s trainer and confident when Selina is unavailable.  Selina is just beginning to enjoy her retirement and new baby Helena when she realizes that her new protégé needs her help.  Donning the Catwoman garb once more, Selina finds herself in harm’s way as a former co-worker turned rival joins forces with a demented movie aficionado for one final act of revenge.  More importantly, Selina finds that all of the effort she has put into keeping Helena safe from her former life may have been in vain.

              Catwoman: The Replacements is a Birds of Prey television show fan’s dream.  Here we have Selina Kyle forsaking her former career for newborn daughter Helena just as she did in the television drama’s plot.  However, in this series, Sam Bradley, private detective Slam Bradley’s son is Helena’s father.  I enjoyed the numerous flashbacks which showed Selina’s discovery of her pregnancy, her decision to make Holly her successor, what she went through to create a new identity and more.  I’m not sure what kind of replacement Catwoman Holly Robinson will make – she seems to be a bit on the quirky side, although I think that the alternate ego could be starting to get to her (witness the beating she throws Angle Man).  I enjoyed the creation of the Film Freak and was delighted to see that his storyline didn’t end with the final chapter of this trade paperback.  In fact, it would seem that this series was only the beginning for him.  The side story about Slam Bradley’s deterioration was interesting and I have the feeling that it leads up to something big that we won’t see until later on in the Catwoman series.

            All-in-all, Catwoman: The Replacements is an enjoyable adventure well-worth the $14.99U.S. price tag.  The artwork by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez is excellent and the storyline by Will Pfeifer is well-thought out.  An added bonus is the inclusion of the cover art at the end of the trade paperback.  I especially enjoyed the last issue’s cover art depicting Zatana supervising a carnival wheel featuring different characters from the story arc.  Fans of Catwoman will love this trade paperback.  Fans of Angle Man?  Well, this may be his brightest shining moment, even if the result is always the same.  Better luck next time.


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