Musical Score By: Ronen Landa

Songs By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In Cavemen, Skylar Astin is Dean, a Los Angeles playboy who, along with his friends, has played the field heavily, enjoying the partying and the one night stands for quite some time.  But lately, Dean realizes that he wants something more out of life.  But how does one actually find true love in modern-day L.A., especially when the girl you think you want happens to be your best friend (Camilla Belle)?

                The Cavemen Soundtrack features songs by various artists like Reto, Mathclub, The Peach Kings, Golden State and more, and musical score by composer Ronen Landa.  As a teenager, Ronen Landa listened to music that had an intensely spiritual sound.  From that moment on, he wanted to know more about music and began studying jazz and other forms of music around the world.  This eventually led to film scoring, something Landa has found some success with.  Landa has created musical scores for film, television and video games, including the documentary Paraiso and the full-length features The Pact and Home.

                In creating the musical score for Cavemen, Ronen Landa delved into his past for inspiration: "Creating the score for Cavemen was all about reconnecting with my rock 'n roll roots.  When I was a kid I wanted nothing more than to play my guitar all day, so I couldn't resist when Hersch asked me to do just that for his film.  The simplicity of a solo guitar helps capture the intimate and genuine feelings that our main characters have for one another."  I love the sound of a well-played guitar and Ronen Landa's solo guitar tracks are incredibly enjoyable.

                As for the songs found on Cavemen, writer and director Herschel Faber says, "I worked hard with music supervisor Greg Sill to find unknown songs that not only elevated the narrative, but also songs that had break-out potential in the marketplace."  The songs on the album are mainly alternative rock.  The songs speak perfectly not only to the movie's plot, but also to the bar and clubbing scene that Dean and his friends find themselves frequenting.

                All of the songs are terrific, but there are definitely some stand out tracks on this album.  All Day and Through the Night is a rocking party song by Reto.  I challenge you not to bob your head and tap your feet to this song.  Take Me Out by Golden State is a similarly fun song albeit way to short, while their other song on this album, All Roads Lead Home, is very U2-esque.  The sultry sound of The Peach Kings' Fisherman describes the dating scene with plenty of sexual innuendo. 

                Looking for a funny song?  Check out Hottie Boys by We3Kings - the lyrics are hysterical and the beat is fun to dance to.  If Cavemen is a romantic comedy, where is the love song you may ask?  Look no further than And She Takes by Zack Liam Weber and L.J. Naschsin, who provide us with an incredibly sweet song in which they describe what love could be like with the right person.

                In the words of Herschel Faber, "I think we created one of the more memorable soundtracks to come out in quite some time."  I couldn't agree more.  The Cavemen Soundtrack was a lot of fun to listen to and a welcome addition to my movie soundtrack collection.  I've already listened to it three times and the album never gets stale.


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