The Celestine Prophecy

Composed By: Nuno Malo

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                Based on the novel by James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy features Matthew Settle as John Woodson, a disillusioned young man with no direction.  That is, until he finds himself on an adventure to  Peru to locate the famed ancient scrolls known as the Celestine Prophecy.  The prophecy is said to contain the secrets to a spiritual culture on earth and, although John is skeptical, he finds himself taking that journey toward awakening.

                The musical score of The Celestine Prophecy was created by Portuguese composer Nuno Malo.  From a very early age, Malo had an interest in film making, leading him to study composition with Evgueni Zoudlikine.  He learned to play the guitar and piano before graduating high school and going on to earn a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Composition at the London College of Music.  Catching the attention of conductor Mark Stephenson, Nuno Malo was commissioned to compose an Elegy for Cello and Orchestra.  Afterwards, he completed a post graduate study in music for music and film at USC.  He drew the attention of many directors and had created musical scores for several Portuguese films before being approached to create the score of his first full length American feature film, The Celestine Prophecy.

                The music of The Celestine Prophecy alternates between soft guitars and woodwinds and orchestral music.  The woodwinds and guitars offer a glimpse into the beauty of Peru and its culture.  It also offers up a spiritual calming feeling.  Orchestral tracks define the epic journey the main character goes through in an effort to find tranquility and spiritual awareness.  I enjoyed the guitars with a hint of Spanish flare found in a number of tracks like Viciente at Night, Dinner at Viciente Lodge and Explosives (just prior to the crashing music that will describe the explosion).  I also enjoyed the dramatic orchestral track describing the emotions of the scene in which The Burning of Viciente takes place.

                The Celestine Prophecy Soundtrack is a beautiful and emotional listening experience.  The music tells the tale of the movie perfectly and Nuno Malo still manages to create a musical composition that works perfectly as a stand alone album.  The orchestral sounds mixed with choir and ethnic woodwinds and guitar make for an enjoyable music experience that sends a message to the listener.  Nuno Malo is a young composer on the rise and his work on The Celestine Prophecy makes him one to watch out for.


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