Music Composed by: Eric D. Johnson

Songs by: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            When Sam Davis (Michael Angarano) lures his former best friend (Reece Thompson) into spending the weekend with him at a beachside estate owned by a famous documentary filmmaker, he sports an ulterior motive other than rekindling their failing friendship.  Sam is really out to stop a wedding about to take place between his former fling Zoe (Uma Thurman) and filmmaker Whit Coutell (Lee Pace).  Unfortunately, things donít quite turn out as he has planned and he soon learns just how complicated relationships can really be.

            The soundtrack of Ceremony features a musical score created by Eric D. Johnson and songs by various artists, including Ringo Starr and Pete Townsend.  Eric D. Johnson is a singer/songwriter and permanent member of the American rock band known as the Fruit Bats.  Johnson performs with the Fruit Bats and various other bands, and also dabbles in musical scoring, composing music for Our Idiot Brother and Ceremony.

            The music composed for this film by Eric D. Johnson has a very specific feel.  It is reminiscent of an old cowboy flick set in the outskirts of Mexico.  There is that Spanish flare blended with a country western feel throughout the scoring for this film.  Each track revolves heavily around the guitar, a fact that I loved.  My favorite tracks by Johnson included the wistful Zoe on the Beach and Sam by the Window.  These two tracks were distinctively beautiful and vastly different from the rest of the music composed for this film.

            The various songs from the film are interspersed in the Ceremony Soundtrack and mainly revolve around love and relationships.  The most notable of these songs are It Donít Come Easy by Ringo Starr and Good Times by Eric Burdon and the Animals.  Also featured on this soundtrack are La La La Lies by Pete Townsend, Never You Done That by General Public and Papa Hobo by Ezra Koenig.

            For the most part this soundtrack is enjoyable, but really nothing special.  I enjoyed the music composed by Eric D. Johnson and was really unimpressed with the songs, with the exception of It Donít Come Easy, an old favorite of mine.  Had they made the Ceremony Soundtrack an all musical score album, I would have been much happier with it.  As it is, I canít really say that I expect this album to fly off the store shelves.  It just doesnít have enough to offer.


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