Magic / Mystery / Fantasy


Written by: Yasmine Galenorn

Published By: Berkley Books

Reviewed by Linda Lafaire

            What can I tell you I got hooked on the first one and couldnít wait for this second book to arrive!

            This is the second novel in Yasmine Galenornís Otherworld series now better known as the Sisters Of The Moon series. The three sisters are half Human and half Faerie. What I love about this series is that the author uses first person to tell the story. The first novel, Witchling, was narrated by Camille the Witch. Changeling is in the second sister Delilahís POV.  She is a Tabby Cat Were which she changes into in times of stress, hence the title. Delilah has a FBH (Full Blooded Human) boyfriend but finds herself attracted to a Were Puma named Zachary, the leader of a clan who are being attacked and whose members are being murdered. This story really flushes out just who Delilah is and what lengths she will go to protect family.

            Itís up to the Díartigo sisters to find out who is behind the killings while trying not to have their powers misfire at an inopportune time.  The leader of the Subterranean realm, Shadow Wingís, plans are moving forward and a war is looming in Otherworld that complicates things for the sisters and their lovers.

            The character development is seamless.  In the last story you found out all about Camille and her background as a Witch and now you will find out about Delilah and her background as a Were. (In the next story, Darkling, you will find out about Menolly becoming a Vampire.)

            The author once again spins a web so effortlessly of humor, romance, a touch of sex here and there, mystery, suspense and most importantly great characters. It makes this book an easy and very fast read. I highly recommend this to anyone. This is a five star series.


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