Chaos Theory

Musical Score By: Gilad Benamram

Music By: Various Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In Chaos Theory, Ryan Reynolds stars as Frank Allen, a man obsessed with order and schedules.  By day, he is a professional speaker who lectures on time management.  By night, he is a family man with a very strict sense of order, scheduling everything he and his family do down to the minute.  One day, Frank’s wife, Susan (Emily Mortimer), plays a seemingly harmless joke on her husband by setting the clock forward by ten minutes.  Unfortunately, she accidentally sets it backward instead of forward, inadvertently causing a series of mishaps to befall on her husband now that his entire schedule is thrown off.  Frank begins to rethink his life – why not attempt a lifestyle of randomness instead?  Can this complete reversal of lifestyle be just the thing for Frank and his family, or will an extra dose of chaos be too much to take?

            The Chaos Theory Soundtrack contains seven tracks of music by various artists followed by 23 tracks of musical score.  The songs featured on the soundtrack are from independent artists including The Damnwells, The Boy Least Likely To, Walking Concert and Gingersol.  Although most of the songs are enjoyable, the most notable entries are from The Damnwells who perform four songs on the soundtrack.  The Damnwells are an indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York with a sound reminiscent of the English rock band Oasis.  The Damnwells harmonize very well and I even found myself singing along with their first track on the album, Golden Years.

            The musical score of Chaos Theory is composed by Gilad Benamram, an Isreali composer relatively new to the film score scene.  His film score credits include a variety of genre and include the black comedy Pretty Persuasion, a Japanese feature film Ichijiku no kao (Faces of a Fig Tree) and the documentary Victory Over Darkness.  The 23 tracks of musical score are rather short in length, most ranging from 35 seconds to three minutes in length.  Tracks vary from jazz-based themes to comedic fluff.  I enjoyed the jazz, but most of these tracks were shorter than I would have liked.  The comedic fluff tracks were also rather short and I commend the composer on this as they were nothing really special.  Benamram’s best track is actually the longest one on the album – five minutes and thirteen seconds to be exact.  Streak Ice features a 1970s Dirty Harry-esque sort of flare via percussion and horns and quite a bit of uniqueness achieved via the use of exotic instruments toward the end of the track.

            Realistically, I can’t give the Chaos Theory Soundtrack a stellar review.  Once The Damnwells’ songs were over, I was mostly bored with the album.  Streak Ice was a nice addition to the soundtrack, but not enough to make me want to pay full price for the album.  I actually listened to this album twice in an effort to find more to say about the music, but came up short.  The Chaos Theory Soundtrack is simply not a standout album that anyone should rush out and buy.  I recommend downloading some of the songs from iTunes or , but buying the whole album is simply a waste of money.


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