Charles Schulz: Conversations

Editor: M. Thomas Inge

Published By: University Press of Mississippi

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Everyone knows Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder and Peppermint Patty, the infamous characters from the comic strip known as Peanuts.  The characters from Peanuts are followed in countless newspapers, books, and on television shows all over the world.  But how many of us know the man behind the comic strip?  Charles M. Schulz: Conversations, edited by M. Thomas Inge, seeks to give us some insight on the most famous cartoonist that ever lived. 

            Beginning with a brief introduction to the book and a chronology of major events in Schultzís life, we are treated to a compilation of interviews with Charles Schulz dating back to 1956.  I was pleasantly surprised by the content of these interviews.  Having expected to read a boring repetition of questions and answers detailing things we already know about the comic strip, I was happy to discover that each interview was a new and interesting look into Schulzís life.  Each interview gave new insight and since they span over 40 years, we are able to listen to Schultzís views as time went by.

            The reader learns interesting facts about Charles M. Schulz such as: Did you know that Charles Schulz failed several subjects in school, but was extremely knowledgeable in several other subjects because he was such an avid reader?  Or that he loved golf and played in several tournaments?  Did you know Charles Schulz financed an ice skating rink that he helped build just because the neighborhood rink was being closed down?  Or that he always hated the name ďPeanutsĒ for his comic strip?

Of course, you canít read 18 interviews without some repetition, but you barely notice the repetitiveness with such interesting information and views at your disposal.  As an added bonus, the book is filled with comic strip excerpts from Schulz's Peanuts series.  It was wonderful reading about the man who created my favorite comic strip.  Charles M. Schulz: Conversations is one in a series of novels called Conversations With Comic Artists.  After reading this book, I look forward to reading the every book available in the series.


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