Christmastime in Larryland

Artist: Larry The Cable Guy

Produced by: Warner Bros. Records Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            When I received Christmastime in Larryland by Larry The Cable Guy in the mail, I was a tad surprised. had never reviewed a comedy CD before and I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to review this CD.  After all, Larry The Cable Guy’s jokes can often be a bit lewd and I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to some of the tracks listed on the CD, such as Farting Jingle Bells, 1-900…, Plus-Sized Fashion Shorts, etc.  I just wasn’t sure what I was going to be in for.  But, in spite of the lewdness, I knew Larry The Cable Guy to be rather funny and, having had a rough day, I decided to give the CD a whirl.  Boy am I glad I did!

            Christmastime in Larryland is a companion to Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas Spectacular DVD, Larry the Cable Guy’s first venture into the Christmas DVD genre.  However, this is not the first time Larry has taken on Christmas.  In fact, Christmastime in Larryland is actually a follow-up to his last Christmas CD, A Very Larry Christmas.  This time around, the act opens with Larry falling into a dream-like sequence in which Larry fantasizes about having his very own Christmas radio special.  The radio show contains a number of skits that are designed to make the listener laugh until their stomach aches.  From the Eulogy to the laugh track creator to the Dysfunctional Family Christmas to the Liberal Commie Environmental Poem, each and every track on the CD will elicit peels of laughter. 

            Of course, what would a radio show be without commercials.  Larry has thought of that, too, and a number of parody commercials are interspersed throughout the CD.  We are urged to buy the Tobacco Company Choir’s Christmas hits, bobblehead heating dolls, and more.  And no Christmas radio show would be complete without Christmas carols – Larry The Cable Guy’s specially designed Christmas carols, that is.

            Yes, Christmastime in Larryland is filled with lewd and crude comedy and yes, there is a great deal of foul language on this CD.  However, as I listened, I began to think of several people I knew who would enjoy this CD as much as I was, especially when Larry begins his tirade about the meaning of Christmas and the stupidity behind the need to be politically correct.  I loved the Patriotic Poem in which Larry chastises the people who come to the United States of America only to cite how much they hate living there.  The Medley of Carols were simply hysterical and the Q&A with Santa was just too naughty and too damn funny for words.  And if you can’t laugh at the Dysfunctional Family Christmas, I have to wonder about you.  Even the liner notes that come with the CD are funny!

            So, if you don’t mind a little crude comedy and enjoy redneck dysfunctional family jokes, Christmastime in Larryland is just the comedy CD for you!  And don’t forget to pop that CD into your computer so you can watch the sneak-peak trailer of Larry the Cable Guy’s upcoming movie, Witless Protection.  The trailer for this movie is so funny, I can’t wait for it to hit the theaters!


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