Cirque Du Soleil: K

Produced by: Cirque du Soleil Musique, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Before listening to this soundtrack, I must confess that I knew next to nothing about Cirque du Seleil.  I knew that the performances involved acrobats, street performers, and such, but after researching the subject matter for this article, I realized that I really hadnt a clue.  Cirque du Soleil does use acrobats and street performers, pyrotechnics and the like, but this show is unlike any circus youve ever been to.  This is an art form.  Each show basically weaves a tale.  There are several different shows performed all around the world and Im told that each has a sense of magic and artistry that make you yearn to see the rest.

            Cirque du Soleil: K uses pyrotechnics, acrobatics, martial arts, puppetry and more to illuminate its audience on the nature of duality.  The title of the show is inspired by the ancient Egyptian belief in the invisible spiritual duplicate of ones self that is said to accompany every being throughout their present lives and onto the next.  The show itself tells the tale of two separated twins who embark on a journey to fulfill their intertwined destinies.

            Charged with the composition of the music for this performance of Cirque du Soleil is none other than Ren Dupr, a composer that has been a part of Cirque du Soleil from its inception.  Dupr pulls out all the stops for this soundtrack, utilizing a 57-piece symphony orchestra and a 40-member choir to produce a sound of epic proportions.  Having been unaware of the title of this soundtrack, I would have sworn it had been composed for the movie industry.  Just as the performance seeks to do, the music itself weaves the tale of these twins, living in separate worlds, yet bound to one another by destiny.  Each track is more powerful than the next, each composition, more intricate. 

            Many of the lyrical tracks are sung in different languages, yet the sound is beautiful and rich, drawing you in to the soul of the music, though you may not understand the words.  If I Could Reach Your Heart is a particularly beautiful peace, the lyrics full of hope and enlightenment If I could talk to you, just a few words / O makunda o makunde / If I could reach your heart with those simple words / O makunda o makunde / Maybe you could learn to trust / Si koudali yet matsure unde / See the best in us / Si koudali yet matsure.  There are two bonus tracks on this album, Weve Been Waiting So Long and Reach for Me Now, both equally beautiful in musical and lyrical composition.  Weve Been Waiting So Long is full of wonder and mystery, subtly asking questions each and every one of us ask of ourselves.  Reach for Me Now is a song filled with love and adoration Reach for me now / Im here for you alone / All that I want / Is your warm hand in mine.

            K is more than just a performance soundtrack; more than just a magical composition.  It is an international masterpiece containing tracks rich with African and Spanish influence.  From the sweeping whirlwind that is Storm to the mystical Aftermath, from the fast-paced Battlefield to the touching sounds of Love Dance, Cirque du Soleil: K is one soundtrack that can truly be enjoyed from beginning to end and one that will take its rightful place among my collection.  It is my belief that after listening to just a couple of tracks of Cirque du Soleil: K, youll want to own it for yourself.  Believe me, you wont be disappointed.  Whereas I once thought Cirque du Soleil an interesting concept, I now have a yearning to attend one of their many shows.



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