Composed By: Simon Lambros

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the British thriller Cleanskin, Sean Bean is Ewan, a top British Secret Service Agent tasked to hunt down and take out a home-grown suicide bomber (Abhin Galeya) and his terrorist cell.  But as Ewan gets delves deeper and deeper into the cell's activities, he discovers that not everyone is who they seem and that some of the cell's members may in fact be the very people he has trusted for years.

                The musical score of Cleanskin was created by British composer Simon Lambros.  After his postgraduate studies and some time at the National Film and TV School, Lambros moved from contemporary classical composition to film score composition, working on documentaries and BBC dramasCleanskin represents his first foray into major feature films.

                The music of Cleanskin, as performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, has a dramatic flare.  Orchestral in nature, it utilizes strings and brass to accentuate action in this film through speed and volume.  Unfortunately, while the music does what it is designed to do while played as background music for the visuals of the film, there is really nothing new here to excite the listener.  The score sounds like every other action thriller feature in the spy movie genre.  I was bored with it after the first few tracks.

                That's not to say that some folks won't enjoy listening to the Cleanskin Soundtrack.  There is enough intensity and drama to attract those who enjoy action soundtracks, but I believe that only the serious fans of this film will really want anything to do with its score.  And even then, I doubt they'll even bother downloading the whole album.  There are some musical scores best left as background music to enhance the experience of a film and not recorded in album format...this is one of those scores.


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