Coast to Coast Ghosts

Written By: Leslie Rule

Published By: Andrew McMeel Publishing, LLC

Reviewed by Dorothy Doremus

            Itís that time of the year Ė Halloween is coming!  So what can put you in the mood for fall fun better than some ghost stories?  I really enjoy hearing ghost stories and when I was looking over the Barnes & Nobleicon table display for the haunted holiday, I saw Coast to Coast Ghosts.  I took a chance and picked up a copy of the book.

            Coast to Coast Ghosts is written by Leslie Rule, who has a very enjoyable writing format.  She starts each chapter with a topic and a few stories that coincide with that topic.  I really liked how much each story was researched.  The author actually took her time to get all of the evidence.  She did research on haunted locations, interviewed witnesses and even brought along Psychic Nancy Myer for her insights.  Itís very refreshing to see someone do the right thing when it comes to a collection of ghost stories.

            Rule gives you the evidence and follows that up with Myerís feelings about the place, leaving it up to the readers to make up their minds whether to believe or discredit what they have read.  When I read about The Last Picnic, I was amazed Ė I thought I was the only nerd alive that remembered the sinking of the Eastland in Chicago.  The attention to detail and historic facts, backed up by Myerís abilities really made the tale a solid haunting case.

            Another nice touch is that fact that Leslie Rule shares her own experiences of growing up in a haunted house with her readers.  I have read several ghost story compilations that are just a grouping together of folklore without any substance.  Rarely does the author put themselves out there with personal experiences.

            This book is such a gem that they even touch on a topic often overlooked Ė ghost pets.  One of the most famous is the Cranbury Cat at The Cranbury Inn which has been standing since the 1700s.  The cat has been seen by workers and tourists darting from room to room.

            One thing I really found enjoyable were the sidebars.  Each chapter contains topic specific sidebars offering readers tips and sometimes locations and advice.  In Chapter 13, Through the Eyes of Babes, there are back to back sidebars on The Doís and Doníts of Getting Rid of Ghosts and The Ouija Debate.  I like the approach of giving you the advice through the experiences of Nancy Myer and some other noted Parapsychologists.

            I have read several ghost story books and it has been a long time since I have finished one in only two days because I didnít want to stop reading.  I like ghost stories, but I love ghost stories done well.  This book is written well and has the history to back up the stories.  I really suggest you do not wait Ė go out and get this book!  Itís just the right amount of scary for Halloween party or a campfire spookfest.


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