Musical Score By: Kristin ěhrn Dyrud

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the science fiction thriller, Coherence, eight friends have dinner on the night that a comet is passing by the Earth.  As they discuss strange occurrences that took place in Finland in 1923 after a comet passed, the friends begin to notice that they are losing phone and computer reception.  Soon, the lights go out and they discover that only one house in the neighborhood has electricity, but as they enter the light from the dark, they begin to discover strange changes in one another.  Could it be that the strange phenomenon that took place in Finland is happening here?  And to what end?

The musical score of Coherence was created by Norwegian composer Kristin ěhrn Dyrud, who fell in love with music at an early age.  Constantly humming themes from television and movies as a child, she wrote her first composition at the age of five.  After graduating from the USC Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles in 2005,  Kristin ěhrn Dyrud began scoring feature films, shorts, commercials, a theatrical play and a web series.  She is also an accomplished singer and songwriter, releasing her first solo album, Orange in the Apple Tree, in 2014.

The score of Coherence is dark, featuring low-registry woodwind sounds, ambient sound and haunting synths that set you on edge and serve to enhance the thriller aspect of the film.  Unfortunately, as a stand alone album, I found the Coherence Soundtrack to be less than appealing with only Em's Journey serving as a stand out, adrenaline-pumping track that ends far to abruptly than anticipated.  As far as purchasing the Coherence Soundtrack, I'm fairly certain that many will stay away from this $10.00 album unless they are fans of the film or of the composer herself.


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