Mystery / Suspense

The Cold Moon
A Lincoln Rhyme Novel

Written by: Jeffery Deaver

Published By: Simon & Schuster, Inc.

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

I have long been a fan of Jeffery Deaverís work, most notably the novels he has written featuring the crime fighting team of Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs.  Something about the chemistry between the characters coupled with the never ending twists and turns of each mystery they are called upon to solve keeps me coming back for more.  I have just completed Deaverís latest Lincoln Rhyme novel entitled The Cold Moon.

                For those of you who havenít read any of Deaverís Lincoln Rhyme novels, let me bring you up to speed.  Lincoln Rhyme was the top criminologist in the NYPD until a freak accident at a crime scene made him a quadriplegic.  He had just about given up on life when he was asked to come aboard as a consultant on a case, searching for a serial killer dubbed the Bone Collector.  It was on this case that Rhyme met Amelia Sachs, then a beat cop who stumbled upon the evidence of the Bone Collectorís first murder.  She became his eyes, ears and legs on the case and, after a period of annoyance with one another, the two came to respect each other immensely.  That respect eventually turned into love and the two have formed a strong romantic bond that has lasted the test of time.

                Having worked together on many challenging cases, the one that presents itself in The Cold Moon seems to be the most challenging yet.  For one thing, the serial killer in this case is extremely careful, leaving little or no trace at the scenes of his murders.  For another, the killer seems to be picking his victims at random, leaving very distinctively made clocks at the scene of each murder.  Complicating matters is the mood of the city after the events of 9/11 and Amelia Sachsí recent promotion to detective.  As a new detective in homicide, Sachs has been awarded her very first case.  Discovering that her case may involve dirty cops, she has no desire to relinquish it.  Thus, she finds herself splitting her attention between her own case and that of the serial killer she and Lincoln Rhyme have been asked to solve.

                You would think that the fact that there are two criminal cases being solved in this book would be enough mystery and suspense for any reader.  But as the evidence is collected and the mysteries unwind, the twists and turns in each case turn this novel into the most suspenseful thriller ever written by Jeffery Deaver.  I simply couldnít put this book down.  I forewent much sleep until I could get to the very last page.  Once I arrived at my destination, I realized that I had been left hanging. 

                And yet, I canít complain.  The Cold Moon is perhaps the best Lincoln Rhyme novel Iíve read to date.  I love how Deaver adds new characters to the cast of regulars with every successive novel.  This time around Ron Pulaski, the patrolman from The Twelfth Card, joins the crew.  Deaver also adds a new character to the mix Ė California Bureau of Investigations Special Agent Kathryn Dance, an expert in the art of kinesics, the interpretation of body language, and a master interrogator.  This new character is so intriguing, Deaver created a brand new novel featuring Kathryn Dance entitled The Sleeping Doll.

                The twists and turns in The Cold Moon will keep you guessing.  Just when you think youíve solved the crime, here comes another twist to throw you for a loop and you realize you were completely off course.  You find yourself asking, ďHow does this guy come up with this stuff?!Ē  Then you find yourself thankful that Deaver has such an amazing imagination, because you know that his next book is going to be more intriguing, more challenging than his last.  I canít wait for the next Lincoln Rhyme novel, The Broken Window, to hit the bookstores!  Thanks again, Mr. Jeffery Deaver, for a wonderfully thrilling rollercoaster of a mystery novel like The Cold Moon!  Keep Ďem coming!  


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