Music By: Assorted Artists

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Kevin (Drake Bell) had always planned on going to freshmen orientation weekend at Fairmont University with his girlfriend.  But situations change when his girlfriend dumps him for being too boring.  Best friends Carter (Andrew Caldwell) and Morris (Kevin Covais) persuade him to go anyway, insisting that this weekend away will help Kevin get over the break-up easier.  Upon their arrival, one of the rowdiest fraternities on campus offers to recruit them as pledges in exchange for introducing them to the college’s party scene.  You can only imagine what happens next.

            The soundtrack of the movie College features a variety of artists including Ben Kweller, Supagroup, Zeroleen, Sweatshop Union and more.  Music found on the soundtrack ranges from alternative to heavy metal to rap.  It all starts off with Ben Kweller’s Penny on a Train Track, a song of regret with lyrics reminiscent of Bob Dylan Supagroup follows with Jailbait, a catchy tune with a great rock sound that will remind you of those Big Hair Band days.  All Good by Zeroleen is a dance/rock mix with some truly enjoyable beats. 

            Then we come to the rap song, Slice of Life by Sweatshop Union.  As rap songs go, this is fairly atrocious and serves as a great set up for the next atrocious track, Fear the Mullet by Oklahomos.  Just look at the name of the song…then look at the name of the band.  That should say enough for this grunge rock meets heavy metal disaster.

            Happily, those are the only two songs on the soundtrack you are going to want to skip.  Supagroup reappears on track six with a Beastie Boys inspired song, Let’s Go (Get Wasted).  Seriously – close your eyes and you’ll swear it’s the Beastie Boys singing.  Follow that up with an enjoyable alternative track by Mustard Plug called Beer (Song), a song quite suitable for this movie genre.  Dope Girls by Donnis somewhat reminds me of Ms. Jackson by Outkast .  It’s an interesting bit of hip hop throne into the mix.  This is followed by a James Bond-esque instrumental song called Undercover performed by Transcenders.  Then it’s time to rock out with No Heaven by Champion Gotta Get Rid of Rick (James Pants Remix) by Baron Zen features some awesome techno music with some rather horrid singing.  And we round it all up with some more horrid singing but cool cello in Night Sky by Peirson Ross.

            All-in-all, the College Soundtrack is a great deal of fun.  This is a perfect soundtrack for the movie genre – college/American Pie-esque film.  It’s also a fairly fun soundtrack to have playing in the car…just make sure to preset things to skip the god-awful tracks.  I’d say that the College Soundtrack, loaded with some new and exciting bands, is an excellent buy and well-worth taking a listen to.


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