Come On!

Artist: The Blue Dolphins

Produced by: Tribe Alive Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

                The band known as The Blue Dolphins may never have come into existence if not for a fortuitous meet at The Cat Club, a legendary rock locale on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.  That was when Victoria C. Scott and Alfonso G. Rodenas realized they complimented one another in the best of ways.  Victoria had grown up just outside of London, England, listening to her father's collection of music which consisted of Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Little Richard and The Rolling Stones.  Learning to play the recorder, guitar and piano, Victoria taught herself to sing, emulating folk, rock and blues heroines such as Carol King, Nina Simone, N'Dea Davenport and Aretha Franklin.  Meanwhile, Alfonso began his music career as a bassist in the indie group Vitamin VII in Valencia, Spain.  He has worked as a freelance producer, recording and mixing engineer. 

                Shortly after meeting in Los Angeles, Alfonso and Victoria began performing together.  They produced their first album, My Favorite Word Is Today, in 2012.  An EP entitled In Between followed in 2013.  Now, in the fall of 2015, The Blue Dolphins will be introducing a new album called Come On!

                Featuring an indie rock, folk, pop sound, Come On! starts off with a bit of a nostalgic style - that beach bum guitar sound accompanying Walking in the Sun is awesome and Victoria's vocals are beautiful.  The fourteen track album features an upbeat style, even when the lyrics speak of loss or pain like Free Fall from Bliss.  Victoria and Alfono's voices blend so beautifully that you wonder how they ever could have performed apart.  They seem meant for one another vocally.  And those lyrics - each track tells a story and some offer up messages, like Upon and Above which speaks of keeping love alive; Peace in the World which is a call for everyone to live in peace and harmony and the title track in which we are called upon to stop hiding in our shells, take down the walls we have created around us and live life.  Of course, in addition to the songs that impart messages, there are the fun tracks like Walking in the Sun and Pleased to Meet You.

                I loved the sound of The Blue Dolphins on this album.  There is a sense that this band enjoys every minute spent with one another.  It's all there in how they perform with one another and the harmony of the vocals.  Come On! is a highly enjoyable album that not only offers listeners a glimpse at the various genre The Blue Dolphins are capable of performing in, but is an excellent sample of well-written lyrics and musical composition.  The Blue Dolphins is one band I plan to keep my eye on in the future.


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