The Commercialization of Love

by Dorothy Doremus

            So, I was sitting on the couch, enjoying the nightly news, when across my screen scrolls a Whitman's Sampler ad, but that's not all.  It was followed up by a Kay Jewelers commercial!  Since these ads came back to back, my old advertising training kicked into full gear, and then it hits: Valentine's Day is upon us.  Yes, the time of the year when dead roses go for $150.00 a dozen when you can get the same ones at any gas station for $15.00 a dozen every day.

            People, wake up to the fact that Hallmark has you by the cojones!  If you don't buy the card, you are in trouble.  Furthermore, the card must contain music and outpourings of love from the heart.  Forget the fact that the card costs $10.00 and you have to purchase more than one to get the true meaning of love across.

            Candy is recycled, especially certain samplers who rewrap their candy boxes in seasonal attire all year long.  I cannot believe that stale candy is $30.00 simply because it's wrapped in a heart-shaped box.  I can get a Hershey bar that is fresher for a $1.00 at the 7-Eleven.

            So you think you were getting off by going out to eat?  Wrong!  This is the Super Bowl of eating out!  Most of you will never cook for the ladies in your life and restaurants know this.  Not only will you have to have a reservation - even at a White Castle hamburger joint - but you will pay a hefty price for your meal.  And don't even think about using a coupon!  Just try and people will stare at you...and perhaps your date may never talk to you again!

            Then there are the jewelry stores.  Oh my!  I have seen about fifty commercials on how your lady would just love this necklace or ring or whatever trinket is marked up 30% and the store is overstocked on.  The stores know your significant other is just confused about what to purchase, so the first think with a heart on it will be bought.  Don't do it!  Walk away!  If the person loves you, really loves you, they will understand that some trinket will make you have to work an extra hundred hours in a couple of weeks or lose the heat in your house for a month just to pay it off.  It's just not worth it! 

            Then there are people who like to get engaged on Valentine's Day.  This is the reason jewelers run those expensive ads to begin with.  They saw An Affair to Remember, where Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr are going to meet at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine's Day.  There is a reason it's a movie, folks.  Most people have seen it and are going to do the same thing.  Plus, if it doesn't work out, you will really hate this fraud of a holiday forever.

            Instead of throwing away your hard earned cash, keep it simple.  Always tell the people you love how you feel every day.  It will seem like a holiday all year through and you won't need a forced reminder once a year.  If you are going to get any type of material item, a card will do.  Notice, I said one.  It should be meaningful.  My preference is short and sweet or blank so I can write my own expression of love in it.  Forget going out to dinner - an at home affair is not only private and romantic, but the food is so much better and the dessert is up to you!  Whipped cream anyone?

            So instead of spending hundreds of dollars on overpriced, overstocked and stale items, you can really enjoy Valentine's Day.  Don't let those greedy retailers make your romantic day their Black Friday!  Take back the day and the romance and say not every kiss begins with Kay!


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