Commercial Overload

by Melissa Minners

            If you read my review of Resident Evil: Extinction, you know that I recently spent hard-earned money on an exorbitantly priced movie ticket.  Fortunately, the money wasn’t wasted.  However, I do have a bone to pick with someone.

            Upon making my decision to see Resident Evil: Extinction, I immediately checked the movie listings and discovered that I had just twenty minutes to make it to the local theater for the next showing.  If I wanted to see this film, I had to leave the house right then and there.  Considering the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see the movie any later that day, I decided to rush out the door. 

            Well, needless to say, road construction and traffic conspired against me and I arrived at 2:05PM, the exact time scheduled for the start of the movie.  I purchased my ticket and asked the cashier if the movie had started yet.  She replied that I had plenty of time; that I was only missing the commercials.  Confused by her comment, I shrugged and rushed over to the concession stand to by my movie goodies before I missed any of the movie. 

            I may have been in a rush, but the concessions clerk certainly wasn’t.  By the time I picked up my goodies, located the proper theater to enter and found a seat, it was just about 2:10PM.  I figured I had just enough time to watch a couple of previews before the actual movie began.  Well, I had time enough to finish ¾ of my popcorn and ½ of my soda before the previews had even started!

            I sat through tons of commercials – commercials about cars, about fashion, about phone service, you name it!  Now, granted, at that time of the day – a weekday, mind you - there weren’t a whole lot of patrons sitting in the theater.  But I still heard a collective groan after the sixth commercial.  I accounted for one of those groans and I hadn’t even sat through the full dose of commercials.

            What’s going on?!  I can see having a couple of commercials before running the movie previews, but this many?!  What’s the deal?  If I wanted to watch commercials, I’d save my money and just sit home and watch television.  I certainly wouldn’t pay $9.00 to get into a theater and just as much on concession stand items. 

            Commercials are the things we fast forward through when watching recorded television programs.  Commercials allow us time to go to the bathroom or grab a snack while watching TV.  Why would I pay so much money to watch a slew of commercials?  Do advertisers think that they have us over a barrel because we spend so much money on a ticket that we’ll watch anything you put on the big screen?

            Well, I have news for you - the more money we have to spend on a ticket, the more apt we will be to stay at home, completely skipping the commercials altogether.  If I know that I am going to be bombarded with commercials at the scheduled movie showing time, I’m going to show up late so I don’t have to watch them.

            Cut back on the commercials!  Give us back some of our enjoyment!  Stop making theater-goers feel like they have wasted their hard-earned cash on a commercial riddled movie experience!


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