Classic Rock

Concrete Class

Artist: The Lonely H

Produced by: The Control Group

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            Every so often I receive an email asking me to check out an artist’s music.  I love these emails as they introduce me to new bands and music styles.  A week ago, I received an email from Alex Steininger of In Music We Trust PR pointing me in the direction of Concrete Class, the third album from a classic rock quartet out of Seattle, Washington known as The Lonely H.

            The Lonely H is fronted by Mark Fredson who also supplies keyboards.  He is accompanied by brothers Eric Whitman on guitars and Johnny Whitman on bass, and Ben Eyestone on drums.  Citing such influences as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Yes, Meatloaf and more, The Lonely H is as classic rock as it comes bringing back that ‘70s sound with a new flare.  Hell, the band even looks like it belongs in the classic rock era, sporting looks reminiscent of Three Dog Night, Eagles, and Yes.

            Concrete Class is a twelve-track album that contains some of the most incredible keyboard, guitar and percussion ever to hit the classic rock scene.  Close your eyes and you’re right back in the ‘60s/’70s era, long hair, psychedelic t-shirt, jeans and shades, rocking out to incredible rocking guitar riffs, percussion and keyboard solos infused with meaningful lyrics.  Being a fan of classic rockers such as the Eagles, I was floored when I listened to The Singer – I could have sworn I was listening to the Don Henley I loved as a kid rather than a just barely twenty-year-old Mark Fredson.  Guitars on this album are reminiscent of some of my favorite Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin songs. 

            I want to thank Alex Steininger for pointing me in the right direction.  The Lonely H is a band born in the wrong era.  Had they appeared on the scene in the 70s, these guys would have found immediate stardom.  Scheduled for release on June 9, 2009, Concrete Class is an album any fan of classic rock would be proud to add to his/her collection.  I look forward to seeing more from The Lonely H in the future!

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