Christian Rap


Artist: ReadyWriter

Produced by: GodChaserz Entertainment

Reviewed by Melissa Minners

            What is the definition of a conduit?  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a conduit is a natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed; it is a means for transmitting or distributing.  In the case of ReadyWriter’s new album, produced by GodChaserz Entertainment, Conduit is a channel through which Christian preaching and knowledge is conveyed.  The emergence of Christian rap as a way of conveying the teachings of the bible to the people of the world is revolutionary when you think about it.  Rap had originally emerged as a way for people to get out their frustrations; to hit back at what was hurting them through spoken words set to amazing beats.  This genre has had an incredible impact on the youth of today.  So what better way to spread the word of the Lord to the new generation than through the music genre that has affected them the most.

            The album Conduit consists of seventeen tracks mostly featuring ReadyWriter, a rapper who is somewhat new to the cause, but sounds as if he’s been doing this most of his life.  ReadyWriter’s vocals are such that he could be rapping about anything in particular and he would easily grab your attention.  The fact that he is conveying lessons learned in following the Christian faith makes his vocals that much more poignant.  The beats set to these vocals seem to grab you.  They are beats that many of us who listen to rap have heard on a regular basis.  They get your head bobbing and inadvertently cause you to listen to what the rapper has to say. 

            The messages contained in the lyrics focus on bringing God into your life and how, in doing so, you will find a higher purpose of being.  The lyrics compel you to listen to the teachings of the bible and to live your life abiding by those teachings.  Each of the tracks on this album relays somewhat the same message in a roundabout fashion.  In order to relay this message to those who might be reluctant to hear it, each track tells a story, a sort of parable that allows the listener to understand the message conveyed as something that the listener has been through at one time in his/her life.  There were a couple of tracks that I could have done without.  Those were mostly spoken word with very little beat behind them.  However, being a person who loves poetry, I found myself still attracted to the words being spoken and the message being conveyed through those words.

            In researching the album, it was plain to see that the release of Conduit is highly anticipated by everyone in the Christian rap community.  I would have to say that ReadyWriter and GodChaserz Entertainment will not disappoint their fans.  The definition holds true with this album.  Conduit conveys its message extremely well and, I think fans of the genre will agree, does so in a way that is not only informative, but completely enjoyable. 


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