Conquest 1453

Composed by: Benjamin Wallfisch

Distributed by: MovieScore Media

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            The historical epic movie, Conquest 1453, also known as Fetih 1453, is a Turkish film based upon the conquest of Istanbul (then Constantinople) by the Ottoman Empire.  The movie stars Devrin Evin as Sultan Mehmet II, a young leader who lost his inherited throne only to regain it and lead his people to victory, albeit a bloody victory, over the Byzantine soldiers through ingenuity and some of the greatest technological advances in warfare of the time.

            The musical score of Conquest 1453 was created by British composer Benjamin Wallfisch, who made his film music scoring debut at the age of twenty-four with the movie Dear Wendy, earning him nomination as Discovery of the Year in the 2005 World Soundtrack Awards and Best Original Score in the 2006 Danish Film Academy Awards.  Since then, he has composed musical scores for such notable films as The Escapist, Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, V for Vendetta, Eat Pray Love, Robin Hood and more.  In addition to the musical scores he has created for film, Benjamin Wallfisch is in high demand as a composer and conductor by a number of well-known orchestras, opera houses and more.

Featuring a great deal of drama entailing personal anguish, self-discovery, proving oneís worth and epic battles, Conquest 1453 deserves nothing less than an epic soundtrack and Benjamin Wallfisch delivers.  Mehmetís Theme, featuring beautiful orchestral music mixed with the exotic sounds of the movieís main locale, is incorporated throughout this sweeping score.  To add intensity to the orchestral music, Wallfisch added electronic sound and choral voices.  Thus, battle scenes are made more intense with background music that serves to enhance the action taking place. 

The musical score of Conquest 1453 perfectly reflects the events in the film.  The music is powerful and captivating, expressing the epic proportions of the movie with an intensity that lets the listener know important things are taking place here and you had better pay attention.  Based on the soundtrack of this film, I was inspired to see the movie trailer.  The music I listened to, moreover than the exciting trailer filled with action and intrigue, made me want to actually see this film.  Fans of the movie will enjoy owning the Conquest 1453 Soundtrack just as much as fans of well-composed music and that's what makes a soundtrack worth its weight in gold - when it can appeal to the audience as a part of the movie and when it can act as a stand alone album just as easily.  I hope to hear more of Benjamin Wallfisch's work in the future - he has more than proven his composing prowess to me.


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