The Conspiracy

Composed By: Darren Baker

Distributed by: Screamworks Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


                In the faux-documentary thriller The Conspiracy, two documentary filmmakersí decision to look into a conspiracy theoristís disappearance leads them to discover the existence of a global syndicate with power over everyone.  Could it be that the recently missing Terrence G was right about everything?  Could it be that World War II, 9/11 and more were orchestrated for a nefarious cause known only to a global syndicate shrouded in secrecy?

                The musical score of The Conspiracy was created by Canadian composer Darren Baker whose film scoring career began in 1998.  Baker has a penchant for creating musical scores that feature a mix of orchestral, symphonic and electronic music and ambient sound.  The Conspiracy represents Darren Bakerís first full length feature film score.

                I watched the trailer of this film and I wondered what it was about.  The album cover features a fairly scary looking masked individual and for some reason gives you the feeling that murder is nothing to this individual.  Yet, the trailer of the film gives you the impression that this is the ultimate conspiracy theory movie with suspense and intrigue, but no horror.

                And then I listened to Darren Bakerís score and I was thrown for a loop.  This score is definitely something that would perfectly accompany the visuals of a horror filmThe Conspiracy score is a blend of orchestral and electronic sound with a mix of ambient sounds that will send chills up your spine.  There is a definite ominous undertone to this soundtrack and you have the distinct impression that the real goals of this secret global syndicate are nefarious in nature.

                There are quite a few tracks on The Conspiracy Soundtrack that definitely make a lasting impression like the moving Atlas V,  the ominous March on Tartus and Vanity and Complacency, featuring the creepy crackling flames in the background, bringing to mind visions of hell through the sins of vanity and complacency.

                The Conspiracy Soundtrack is quite an interesting listen and Darren Baker is a composer that I can imagine will go quite far in this industry.  I found this soundtrack to be unique and just what I would be looking for in a horror score.


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