Continuum: Season One

Composed By: Jeff Danna

Distributed by: Lakeshore Records

Reviewed by Melissa Minners


            In the science fiction television drama Continuum, Rachel Nichols stars as Kiera Cameron, a City Protective Services officer who is accidentally transported along with a group of fanatical terrorists escaping from their 2077 execution to the year 2012.  Having scattered, yet still going through with their plans to stop the corporations of the future from replacing governments, the terrorists are still quite a great threat in this primitive world of the past.  Infiltrating the local police department, Cameron must track down the members of this terrorist group before they alter the future.

            The musical score of the first season of Continuum was created by Canadian composer Jeff Danna Born to a musical family, Danna began his musical career playing guitar professionally until a hand injury curbed his career.  He has been composing music for film since the late 1980s and has created the musical score of such notable films as The Boondock Saints, O, A Wrinkle in Time, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Silent Hill, Lakeview Terrace and Silent Hill: Revelation.

            The score created for Continuum is a mix of orchestral and electronic.  According to Danna, "I encouraged a partially-orchestral approach to the series."  The score features dramatic percussion and ethnic guitars, offering up an exotic, action feel to the music.  There is a sense of a race against time and a battle of strengths, both in character and physical strengths.  One track, Liber8, in particular, offers up a perfect example of this battle and race against time. 

            The music of the first season of Continuum is fast-paced and dramatic - an action-packed accompaniment to an action-packed science fiction series in which anything can happen.  The music is highly enjoyable as a stand alone album, and I have no doubt that it suits the series quite well.  The Continuum: Season 1 Soundtrack is definitely an album worth taking a listen to and a plus for all fans of the show.


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